What? No Guidelines?? But..but...I want you to be my agent!

What do you suggest if we can not locate an agent's submission guidelines? For instance, ICM does not seem to post them anywhere. I remember that you like a query letter, synopsis and first ten pages, but can't recall if this is your personal preference or a good standard if we are unsure what to send.

I suggest it means they aren't looking for unsolicited material.
However, that never deterred anyone I know so this is when the default "industry standard" kicks in:

1. Novels: query letter of ONE page max, with 5-10 pages of writing with a #10 SASE.
2. NF-Query letter of TWO pages max, with a #10 SASE.

This is where it can be VERY helpful to have met one of the agents at a conference. That reminder of the meeting is your FIRST sentence in the query letter.

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Nathaniel said...

There is a disclaimer on their website that says something along the lines of: we’ve never heard of you, we don’t want your damned query, and if you still insist on sending it we will use it as toilet tissue.