Who is Killer Yapp?

A former Snarkling wondered:

What is a Killer Yapp? And will it taste better with ketchup?

Killer Yapp is Miss Snark's familiar. He is a metrosexual poodle, equally comfortable in a leather harness at butch dog runs and sporting a pink tam at Bloomingdales.

He prefers novels about Doghouse Reilly, hair of the dog cocktails, and cab rides down the FDR with open windows.

He can hail a cab, jump a turnstile and stowaway on a pedicab without missing a wag.

He was the inspiration for the great American masterpiece Dogs Playing Poker.

Come near him with catsup and you'll be lucky if he's the only who bites you.


AzGhostWriter said...

Darn, if I was a gay dog I'd be in love. Do they have any books on this subject?

Heather Hansen said...

Am I the only one who didn't know what a tam was? I had to go to Webster's and look it up.

Ric said...

"a metrosexual poodle"

all righty, then.

Bad thing about poodles is that they never get fat enough to bother with the ketchup.

Killer Yapp is safe. Making more pictures for Bonnie, though. Butch dog runs, head out the window down the FDR.
Miss Snark in black & white and Killer in a pink Tam.

No wonder us folks out here in the hinterlands are at a loss to write something of interest to city folks.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Oh ric....Another better word picture....standard sized poodles are big enough for two buns......heheheh..you figure that one out on your own...Yikes, it's rubbing off.

And for poor heather...you need to get out more my dear...this is only applicable if you live in the States. If your abroad, your excused!

Heather Hansen said...

Actually Bonnie, you have that backwards... a tam is Scottish and as we don't wear them in the States how would I know this?

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Good Lord....Yikes...I thought I lived in New York, and now I find out I'm in Europe somewhere....that's what I get for drinking all this coffee...:-)

heather, we have a branch of NYU here in our little part of the world and there are MANY college people that wear tams! :-)