You can't fire me, I've got manuscripts arriving

What I don't get is why agents who've liked your query, ask for your manuscript knowing they're on the brink of leaving their agency. This has happened a couple of times - you'd think they'd know some time in advance that they're on their way out.

Well, they may not know. "You're fired" is more than a catchphrase on The Apprentice. And when an agent is fired, they are out out out the door. No chance for copying rolodexes, files, query letters, nada, nuthin', no how.

The other side of the coin is agents who move on their own. They too tend to move fast. I've had friends change agencies in less than a week. First I know of it is when emails bounce and the receptionist gets snotty when you ask for Bowser at the front desk.

This where Miss Snark's days on the football gridiron come in handy. Coach screamed "suck it up you little girls" and we pulled up our knee sox and took to the field.


Anonymous said...

On that note, what do you do in this situation:

I queried a particular agent at a multi-agent firm. Within a couple weeks I received a form rejection. A week or so later, I read that the agent I queried is now out on her own, forming a new agency. The old agency has since taken on two new agents. Should I bother querying the old or new one again? The old agency's website says that if you query one, you don't need to query any others...but is that true in a situation like this?


Anonymous said...

When agents leave/quit, is there a protocol for how they handle people in whom they've expressed interest? I had an agent say she really liked a project of mine, and to let her know before I signed with anyone else. She also asked about a second project, and when I sent her the synospsis she never wrote back. I thought a) if she'd been really interested in either project she would have offered representation instead of waiting to see who else jumped b) either way it was rude for her to not respond at all to the query she requested. I later found out that right around that time she switched agencies, to an agency that had previously rejected me. She didn't notify me of the change. Is this complete lack of interest, or could I have been lost in the shuffle? I ask because I'm at the point where I have a few other offers, and am wondering whether its worth it to drop her a line at the new agency.

Anonymous said...

I queried a hot agent at a big agency when I picked her name off of Hot Deals in PW. She immediately requested the whole ms, sent Fedex. This in June.
She vacationed July & August, then left the agency for an even bigger one.
Phone call seemed in order and she said she was still interested in reading it, but she wasn't sure of the protocols involved - whether she got to take it or not.
I sent an email to the head of the first agency asking clarification.
Follow up phone call indicated he was less than pleased I was able to email him and when he went to find the ms, first agent had come in and took off with it.
Ah, drama in the big city.
Alas, the first agent didn't like it - though we had a nice hour long phone chat.
I've been scared to death to resubmit to the first agency.

I think anoyomous should resubmit to both - can't hurt.