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Genre: Commercial fiction likely to find a home with an independent publisher. It's not a thriller, horror or science fiction novel. It fits more in that grey area grandfathered by Chuck Palahniuk.

Novel's title: WHEN LEFTIES KILL


What kind of world would it be if peace activists engaged in pre-emptive strikes; if a group of them kidnapped a police officer; if victims stalked pedophiles on the internet; if drug users got jobs as narcs; if non-violent protesters had a hand in murder?

Probably Beth’s, a former activist who gets roped into attending the latest not-to-be-missed G8 Summit protest by her best friend Krisi, a homicidal cutie-pie with bigger plans than placard shaking.

Your construction here is confusing. You should put "Probably Beth's" at the close of the first paragraph and start the second with "Beth, a former activist gets roped into." When I first read this I thought Probably Beths was her name. We see what we expect, and I am used to reading names at the start of a synopsis.

Initially, Krisi works toward becoming a decoy in the police department’s child exploitation unit in the hopes of avenging the rape and murder of her little brother. However, Beth soon discovers that her friend has been stalking a pedophile by the name of Spidey online and plans to capture him during the protest.

what the F is a pedophile doing at a G8 protest?

Despite Beth’s objections Krisi still manages to capture and torture the man. Meanwhile the group of activists the two friends went to the protest with has kidnapped a police officer.

why? are the police inherently bad in this story?

With the help of some enamored young men, a handful of drugs and dumb luck the bodies of the officer and pedophile are disposed of together in a city park.

After the protest Krisi goes on the lam while Beth makes plans to escape to Mexico with the young men.

The novel ends with Beth’s group approaching the American border still uncertain if they did the right thing.

that’s the ending?

The story also takes a look at the effectiveness of protests, third world aid, torture, politically-correct language, how activists are depicted in the media, pre-emptive arrests and left-wing themes in cartoons – to name only a few topics.

Voice is all in a Chuck Pahliniuk novel. Your synopis is a rendition of events, some of which seem absurd without the absurdity having a point.

You’d do better to give me some sense of voice and more details here.


Rhonda Stapleton said...

Hm. Interesting idea, but where are the crazy-ass left-handers? I feel so misled... :D

Rhonda, a leftie

Bernita said...

I'm with you, Rhonda!
Sooo disappointed!

Cheryll said...

Lefties = leftists, maybe??

jnr said...


I wish we'd named one of our kittens 'Probably'. The little white one who won't stop nibbling on electrical cords.

That Girl Who Writes Stuff said...

Thanks Miss Snark. This helps.

There is A LOT more to this novel than I think my synopsis is getting across. And your comments certainly highlight aspects I need to clarify.

This kind of input means a lot to me. Thanks. I genuflect in your general direction.