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Genre: Romantic adventure

What are the odds that two people can find love in the middle of a blazing gun battle in the Nicaraguan jungle? Vast and insurmountable when those two people are a woman who has finally realized her love has been misplaced, and a man who distances himself from any possibility of a long term relationship.

you don’t need to underscore the obvious with “vast and insurmountable”. The question is rhetorical.

Jessica Fontana is a Special Ops Agent for Homeland Security, based in Seattle and engaged to a man who insists she give up her job because his society minded family doesn't approve.

Jake Claypool, Special Ops Agent married a society girl when he was too young to realize sexual desire goes out of the bedroom when war is waged in every other room in the house. Since his divorce, he accepts the fact that he has no life except the Homeland Security Department.

When Jessica is loaned out from her Seattle office to help track down a brutal assassin named Azizi , she and Jake begin a prickly work relationship. He thinks she's mouthy, even if he finds himself irritatingly attracted to her. Jessica revels in putting burrs under his hide even though she is increasingly drawn to the flinty lawman. They manage to work together while preparing for their mission to capture currently holding the US Ambassador to Nicaragua.

mission to capture currently holding the US Ambassasor...um...Call Vanna White, we’re missing some words here.

After a dinner one night where the two put aside animosity to talk honestly and candidly, Jessica calls her fiancé to break off their relationship. Jake overhears the conversation and leaps to the incorrect conclusion that she believes they could become a serious item. He advises her to consider returning to her fiancé. She tells him to mind his own business.

The flight to Northern Nicaragua goes anything but smoothly as co-pilots Jake and Jessica sit side by side in the C-7 plane . But their verbal jabs and heated comments are quickly tossed aside when they attempt to land their suddenly crippled aircraft miles from their targeted landing strip. Instead, they're forced to bail out just before the plane crashes into a cliff. In the darkness of the jungle, without their supplies, they're forced to huddle together. The intimate contact removes their differences and they make love.

Soon after, while Jessica is off to find privacy, Azizi's thugs surprise Jake and take him prisoner. Jessica stealthily follows them and breaks into the stable, seeking a way to free Jake. Meanwhile, Jake has been tied up and beaten. Worried about Jessica, he is grateful she got away--until he sees her peering at him through an opening in a privacy screen. He is desperate to protect her, but she proves he's wasting his concern. After clobbering the guard, she frees Jake from his shackles.

you don't tie someone up with shackles. Shackles are like handcuffs. Being tied usually means rope.

They raid Azizi's weapons stash and arm themselves for the ensuing gun battle that rages through the sprawling house. The battle ends and Jake and Jessica are the last warriors standing. They cling to each other with emotional relief, but neither dares to express his or her true feelings.

They return to the States to resume their former lives, intent upon forgetting what they'd shared. Christmas Eve is unbearable in their longing for each other. The night before Jessica is to return to Seattle, they both accept an invitation to the same party and are speechless when they meet on the darkened patio. The emotions are high and the fire of desire consumes as they touch one another and say the pain soothing words of I love you. She is confident and secure of his love and he has learned to listen with his heart and to freely show his love for her.

this is a good synopsis with a kick ass heroine! Too bad the cliche society family isn’t a family of left wing granola types who think Homeland Security is the next wave of McCarthyites ... much more interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how many of these synopses are set in Seattle? Aside from NY, has any other city been referred to? Or do I just notice it because I live in Seattle... where there are plenty of left-wing granola types, but very few obsessed with fancy society. Even the millionaires here drive hybrids.