About face, march!

After collecting a stack of rave rejections for me on a complete novel and a partial novel, my overloaded agent has decided to "release" me.

In looking over her submission logs, however, I've discovered that a few editors -- major editors at mainstream houses -- simply never responded. (Neither by phone, email, nor land mail, it appears.)

Is there any good way for a now-unagented, unpublished writer to followup with an editor who still has a ms.? Or must I assume that if the editors were not interested enough to respond to my well-known, well-regarded former agent, they won't want to hear from me either?

The only people editors truly want to hear from are the guys in the Prize Patrol van at Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, but that never stopped any of us from giving them a shout.

You can always send a letter or email to follow up. It's not illegal, unethical, immoral or stupid. It's probably not going to produce a bite, but you'll feel better for doing it.

A better use of time is to finish the partial and get to work on the third novel. Clearly you've got some talent or your former agent wouldn't have signed you and the editors who read your work wouldn't have raved about it.

Time to quit looking back and start moving forward.


Anonymous said...

Miss Snark,

If a writer has a stack of rejections on a partial, why would you advice her to finish it? Wouldn't time be better spent working on a fresh piece?

Mark Pritchard said...

"Rave rejections," heh heh. I have a few of those.