Agent Croaks...what's froggie's next move?

Back in April, I did have an agent, but the agency had to "cease operations indefinitely". (I'm fairly certain that means they bit off more than they could chew and went bankrupt)

I feel like a total nitwit about this, but the agent released me through an email and attached letter. (both are saved to my computer that states that the letter and email release me)

So, should In-My-Wildest-Dreams agent does take a chance on me, when do I mention, We-Overextended-Agent or do I? I didn't mention the last agent in my query or cover letter when the full ms was requested. Does that make me an even bigger nitwit? Lord, I hope not.

Thank you so much for doing this Miss Snark. All flattery aside, you really are a big help to writers like me.

First, you MUST if at all possible get a list of places da Ceased Agent sent your work. That's almost more important than anything else cause if you score a New and Improved Agent, the LAST thing s/he wants to do is start pitching your epic to some editor who has literally heard it all before and said no.

Print out your release letter in case your hard drive goes up in smoke cause you do NOT want to lose that letter ever.

And yes, you mention it to the new agent. In your query letter you can say "I was previously represented by Ceased and DeSista".

You've done nothing wrong so you don't need to hide anything or feel like you have something to hide. Agencies, particularly solo practitioners close shop for a variety of reasons. Illness is a big one. Burnout another. It's hard to go bankrupt as an agent unless you're REALLY stupid, but that happens too.

And I'm very sorry, but you do not qualify for Nitwit of the Day. You'll have to do something really STUPID for that; so far, you're batting zero. Try again.


Dave Kuzminski said...

This is all assuming that your agent's first name wasn't Martha and she wasn't prominently displayed in the news very recently because of a slight problem with the mail. ;)

Christine said...

LOL Dave. If this is who I think it is (SB?) then I don't think de Ceased agent actually ever sent said ms out anywhere, she was in the process of polishing it up first.

Am I right? :)

Sonarbabe said...

Yup, Christine, it's me. No, We-Overextended-Agent hadn't sent anything out. (The one time when procrastination is a pay-off!) But I will, however, print out that letter and keep it filed with my copy of the contract. My bodacious booty will be most assuredly covered.

Miss Snark, thank you kindly for not adding me to the nitwit files. *lights a candle in your honor*

Anonymous said...

OK, so what happens if you can't get that list of places submitted?

Miss Snark said...

Anon, you work harder at it. First, you're entitled to the information. Second, you really do need it. This is where you show up at the office and ask for files if need be.

Chances are if s/he isn't forthcoming it's cause there are no submissions. If you've got a new agent, that's a blessing no longer in disguise.