Agent fees

Culled from the comment tail:
Question is how to manage the slush pile without resources an agent can use so good writing gets filtered to the top.No pay no gain?

Let's all take a moment to think about this logically.
Paying for a critique or early consideration does NOT mean good writing filters to the top.
It means people who PAY get filtered to the top.
You honestly don't think those two are the same thing do you?

And if an agent hires "a reader"? You really want to pay to have someone OTHER than an agent consider your work?

This isn't digging ditches, it's not changing diapers, it's not even teaching fractions to hormone drenched tweens. It's READING for fuks sake. It's not that hard. Suck it up. We all do.

People who want to charge you money for reading fees are taking advantage of you. Don't do it.


Anonymous said...

LOL... that was supremely snark-a-licious!

Anonymous said...

I may win the nitwit du jour title for the day with this question, but here goes.

I've edited my 115,000-word fiction manuscript enough that I can probably begin querying agents. I keep hesitating, though, mostly because I've only received feedback from critique partners and contest judges. They pretty much unanimously say the manuscript is ready to go, but I still keep dithering about it.

Over the last six months, I've been researching independent editors and book doctors, and my list is now down to one person, whose credentials and references are stellar, who has excellent industry connections, and whose own writing is exemplary. Should I pay this person to do a read-through of my manuscript? Or should I just start submitting it to agents and use their responses as a guide to whether or not the book is publishable?

Stacy said...

"It's READING for fuks sake. It's not that hard."

See, thinking and trying not to say things like this is why teaching was so stressful for me.

Sonarbabe said...

LOL @ Stacy. This is why I decided against teaching when I reached high school. I saw my other classmates act like total poo-poo heads and decided, Mmm, no, I don't think I could afford the lawsuit that followed when I told my student to read the damn material and shut the hell up.