All you SFF fans, here's one for you

Show #15 of The Bat Segundo Show, a literary podcast featuring interviews with today's contemporary writers, is now up. But neither Jorge nor Bat Segundo are to be found. We're hoping that they will return for the next show. The producer explains the situation in the first minute of this week's show. The latest show runs 41 minutes and 11 seconds long and features Octavia Butler.

The main Segundo site can be found here

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Please note: You do not have to have an iPod to listen the show! If you go to the main Segundo site, you can save the MP3 to your lovely machine by clicking on the bat picture.

We have many more exciting shows in the works. Stay tuned for perverse authors, social theorists, esteemed historians, D-list entertainers, and a few wiseacres. We're hoping to hit Show #20 by the end of the year, time permitting.

Here are the details for this week's show:

Author: Octavia Butler

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Unknown. We can't find him this week.

Subjects Discussed: Anne Rice, the advantages of writing vampire novels, research, the ambiguities of persistently repulsive material, Fledgling as ripping vampire yarn and multilayered quest story, setting vampire rules, naming character names, the influence of the state of Washington upon atmosphere, Butler's editorial relationship with Seven Stories, Warner vs. Seven Stories, on being categorized as a science fiction author, auctorial labels, Butler's three primary audiences, Dorothy Allison, the influence of criticism, fiction as prophecy, Bush and global warming, education, Margaret Atwood, why Butler dislikes Survivor, the Parable books, why this is the first book in seven years, on writing a "continuous first draft" Butler's working methods, typewriters, technology, Alfred Hitchcock, cell phones, how Butler's computer is set up, T.C. Boyle, on being a baby boomer, being "comfortably asocial: inner introverts , polyamory, sexuality, the science aspect of science fiction, and science fiction vs. fantasy.

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