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I have a question for you. Let’s say You-Could-Only-Wish agent decides that yes, s/he is willing to take a chance on me. The story s/he agrees to rep is presented as a single title romance. (Yes, I know you don't deal in romance, but man, I wish you did)

Now, the ms can stand alone, but in all reality is the first in a series. When should I mention the other 3 ms? (sequel finished, 3rd half done and 4th outlined)

Should I mention it at all until the first is sold? Help! I’m so lost and don’t want to sound over eager should You-Could-Only-Wish agent truly does want to rep me.

Thank you in advance and my Chihuahua/ Fox Terrier, Lucifer, wants Killer Yapp to know that there’s always an extra dog bed ready for him to crash in should you all visit the Seattle area.

You query the finished novel only. You mention it could be a series if that was a good idea. You do NOT list how many books are done, and status of each. If the agent takes you on, s/he'll ask. If an agent likes this work but thinks it's not quite ready, you can mention you have a second book finished (second books are often times better than first ones...amazing huh).

Listing all the books you've written in a projected series begs the question of selling the first one.

Killer Yapp is packing his bag as we speak. He wants to see the beautiful new Seattle Public Library. He's in a bit of a quandry about a tasteful hostess gift for a dog named "Lucifer".


Madame Miscellany said...

Hi, nice piece.
Been trying to write "that" first novel forever.

I've started several teehee. Really!

Do you know anything about the lost and ill-fated works of Themestream (on-line now defunct) writers?

Shadow said...

"He's in a bit of a quandry about a tasteful hostess gift for a dog named "Lucifer".

A set of cheese picks in the shape of minaiture pitchforks?

Sonarbabe said...

Thank you, Miss Snark. I was at a total loss over this.

Lucifer wants Killer Yapp to know that a small baggie of Scooby Snacks for them to share would be outstanding.

Brady Westwater said...

Koolhaas! I am so jealous. So far the photos I have seen have not confirmed to me the rave reviews given by the critics, but I expect this is the fault of the photographers and not the building. Where is Julius Schulman when you need him. And... any Seattle Snarks with an opinion on the building?

Details, please!

Feisty said...

Opinion on the building? The library? Well, it's very cool. I work for a company that's just up the street and we look down on the new library. Very modern. Very cool.

When I get inside, I'll update what I've seen.

Dan said...

The inside? Well, it depends on your tastes of course. If you're into minimalist stylings, it could be for you. Personally, I'm a fan of more traditional stuff, such as the main branches of the New York City or Boston library systems, so I find the inside to be a bit cold and sterile.

Harry Connolly said...

I love the new library. I was planning to post a link to a slideshow showing off the new building, but for some reason the library site is down. Here is the main site. By the time this post is approved, it should be live again.

Click on the Central Library link, then check out the slideshow. I'm not kidding. Look at it. It's beautiful.

I love the new library (did I mention that?) The book spiral is just a fun idea, the kids' section is huge and easy to access, the top floor is covered with open reading and writing space.

It's not old, dark wood and gothic arches, though. It's more like brushed stainless steel, glass exteriors and bright colors. Here are more pictures at another site.

It really is wonderful.

Harry Connolly said...

Hooray! Here's a link directly to the slideshow of the new library.


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