Bribing the gate keeper

C'mon! Miss Snark and, to a lesser extent, Andrew Zack, have provided means for us to have our Qs and Synops reviewed. Judging by the responses, it is a welcome proposal. Personally, my writing groups consist of a bunch of sycophants barking a chorus of obsequious observations meant as critiques. What I need is a practiced eye. And though I don't like the idea of imposed reading fees, the poster said this was an offer; that is notably different. Bodacious-to whom do I make out the checks?
PT Barnun. There's one born every minute.

People who charge money to critique your manuscripts are called "editors".
People who charge you money to read your manuscript at a literary agency are called "fee charging agents". AAR is pretty clear about how it views that practice.

If your critique group is a barking chorus of obsequious nincompoops, you need a new critique group, NOT a fee charging agent.

Killer Yapp is interested in your critique group however.


Anonymous said...

I have found a great critique group, that is free, called Critique Circle.


MissWrite said...

I belong to that group as well. It's a very nice place to get feedback.

M. G. Tarquini said...

My critique group is mean. They make me pull out adjectives and adverbs, make me rewrite long, convoluted sentences. They insist I have a plot and demand proper pacing. Even bug me about commas.

Pains in the butts.