Call Before Midnight Tonight!

A Snarkling forwards some interesting mail:

Subject: FREE HOLIDAY WRITING CONTEST--We will publish the winning book for free!

There is NO COST to enter this contest.

We are publishing the winning Holiday Book FOR FREE.


At Airleaf we are already thinking about the 2006 Holiday Season! (Bookstores start buying in June.) There is a great deal of demand and we need more Holiday books to sell.

Is your book the next "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? Submissions can be sent in any format including a paper manuscript. They must be less than 20,000 words to be considered. Each entry will receive a free review. We will publish and sell the winning Holiday Book for free!

The deadline to enter is Tuesday February 28, 2006 Good luck to everyone!

wow, what a great free offer.
Except of course, if someone offers to do something for you free, they have to be making money in another way.

These people make money offering you "author services".
Once you send in your manuscript, they have your name, address, phone number and email.
Trust me, you'll hear from them, even if you didn't "win".

This is like filling out the card at the diner entering a drawing to win a "free family portrait" from the photography place at the mall. Yes, you might win but what you're really doing is building the company's solicitation list.

It's a cold cruel world out there and "Free Offer" usually means "hidden agenda".


Anonymous said...

There's one thing you missed, Miss Snark. This whole "FOR FREE" thing doesn't mention that if you "win" that you'll get any sort of royalties or advance... is this their way of getting authors to give them works without having to pay for it?

Miss Snark said...

I'm sorry to confess I didn't even think of THAT little wrinkle!!! I bet if you dig into the contest rules you'll find something like that but I haven't so I don't know.