Cast your Vote!

At the end of the Synopses Run there will be an opportunity to vote.
There will be several categories including but not limited to:

1. Synopsis was most helpful to me (ie you the voter)
2. Synopsis comments that made me wonder if Miss Snark is a nitwit
3. Synopsis that made me want to buy the book

and other categories, perhaps one suggested by you.

Feel free to suggest.

Voting will be by crapometer posting number.

Rules/time windows to be announced closer to the end of the run.


Anonymous said...

How about "synopsis comments that were most helpful to me," since I know that (for me anyway) Miss Snark's comments on a synopsis being helpful can be a different thing than a synopsis itself being helpful.

M. G. Tarquini said...

You forgot the category where we vote for Miss Snark as Best Mensch Agent of the Year...

Oh wait. That will ruin your image. Sorry. Forget I ever said that.

Miss Snark said...

Isn't mensch a man?
Cause Miss Snark is a lot of things, but male isn't one of them. KY on the other hand, qualifies. ~sort of~

Killer Yapp said...

what do you mean ~sort of~????

Rick said...

For curiosity, Miss Snark, will you - when convenient - give an overall genre breakdown? Judging from what you've posted so far, I gather a fair mix.

M. G. Tarquini said...

You sent me screeching for my Joys of Yiddish, aka, my husband.


n : a decent responsible person with admirable characteristics
plural is mensches or menschen.

Literally a man, but figuratively in Yiddish, it's what the definition says. Also this:

A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose: “He radiates the kind of fundamental decency that has a name in Yiddish; he's a mensch”

So, you qualify, but we won't tell anybody. Also, when you said KY, I first thought you meant KY jelly because you thought mensch was a man. And I really didn't want to go there. So, apologies to Killer Yapp.

You're also doing a mitzvah, Miss Snark, as in a good deed, a blessing. We won't tell anybody about that either, okay?

And I say that fully expecting my synopsis is going to end up in ribbons on the cutting room floor. But then, how do we learn?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

No, Miss Snark, a mensch is an admirable person of either gender.

Brady Westwater said...

I propose we vote on the Snark remark most likely to unveil her pre-Snark identity - and then speculate upon that mythic moment when she discovered her true calling.

My hypothesis is the baby Snark germinated far from the Upper Westside in a rather red state where childhood dreams of barrel racing stardom were dashed after a tragic split finger nail incident.

But rodeo's loss became literature's gain once the fledgling Snark became editor of the local 4-H quarterly - Steer and Heifer - and she received her first inappropriately formatted query letter.

Miss Snark said...

I eviscerate my regular readers with as much joy as everyone else. They are just expecting it I think, whereas some of the newcomers have been...um...taken aback.

Ric...tons of SFF. TONS. I'll do a breakdown at the end when we do the balloting for 'synopsis that made me wish I'd left the computer turned off this morning".

Anonymous said...

How about "Synopsis that made me think I would never ever read the book, not even at gunpoint"?

Breathe said...

I think Miss Snark's comments are sufficient beatings for the snarklings, but I agree with one thing - I learn much more from the ones you've shredded than the ones you've liked.

I do think there should be an award for the one with the most snark word count.

Bill Peschel said...

How about "Synopsis I would read in a genre I like" and "in a genre I don't like." I'd nominate the Christian vampire book for the second.

Maxwell said...

How about:

Best Synopsis of a Book I Would Never Read

a.k.a. You made it crystal clear that this is not for me.

Kat said...

Ric...tons of SFF. TONS.

Actually, I count only two SF, mine and #14 (and that's not even claimed as science fiction.) But there is a heck of a lot of fantasy being subbed. I hadn't realized quite how popular the genre'd become until now.


Miss Snark said...

Kat, you've only seen 1/3 of the synopses. I've been trying to pull a variety out instead of just going in chrono order. That probably means we'll have 20 SFF at the end, but oh well.

the chocolatier said...

Me either. Personally, I don't have the memory for science fiction or fantasy. Too many technical terms, way too many long names. I'm usually so confused by Boromas, Borohitz and Borowatzit by chapter three that I have to give up.

AzGhostWriter said...

I've been reading over the comments from Miss Snark, and not just my own, to study and learn what is not only a great synopsis but what is most likely selling.

I actually am learning a lot here. No surprise there...


Anonymous said...

The synopsis that made me want to buy the book is #29 Crapometer. Genre: Literary Fiction, Title: "Quartering".

Anonymous said...

I suggest a category: Story most likely to appeal to Hollywood.

Mizrepresent said...

My, my, my, quite a bit of fantasy, sff, going on here....and i thought that mysteries/suspense were the going genre's....hooray, that's what i write and that's what i'm sticking with...it sorta made me feel good, except i didn't have very much to compare with my own...but overall, your comments Miss Snark are invaluable and even with another rejection in hand...i know now it wasn't because of the synopsis. My vote for categories:

Best Idea, poor delivery.

Nora McCrea said...

I think we need both "synopsis that was most helpful" and "synopsis comments that were most helpful." There were a couple synopses, mostly at the beginning, where I was surprised they worked for Miss Snark, and that was most instructive. There also have been comments by Miss Snark about nonworking synopses that were most instructive.

Overall, I can't say I'd want to buy any of these books, but I'm not much of a genre reader, preferring my fiction straight up, black, no cream and sugar please. The only exception being noirish crime fiction or mystery, I should add.

That Girl Who Writes Stuff said...

I like the category idea. Here's a few suggestions

Best Synopsis of a Book I Would Never Read . . . but would buy for someone else.

Best Synopsis of a Book Most Likely to Appeal to Independent Press Lovers.

Best Synopsis of a Book I Can't Classify. (The genre-buster).

Synopsis with the Most Inventive Characters, Story, Ending, etc.

McKoala said...

How about:

Most blatant alien landing in chapter 14

Most derivative, aka 'hang on a minute, where have I read this before?'