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Genre: Horror

Synopsis for DEAD DREAMS

An anonymous tip leads Evan Davis, an investigative reporter, on a search for the truth that may ultimately cost him is life. The FBI is keeping a deadly secret from the public, but he doesn't know why yet.

For several months, Evan pursues a series of leads into the mysterious disappearance of murder suspects who seem to vanish without leaving any clues behind. He knows that's impossible, without help, because the murders are too appalling. The crime scenes are cleansed. Everything he uncovers is pointing him in the direction of the FBI.

When he gets too close, the FBI stages an accident to get him out of the way before he can tell the American public what he knows. But their scheme doesn't work as planned. Instead, Evan enters the very same DEAD DREAMS they are trying to keep secret.

Drawn into the dead dream, Evan witnesses a terrible murder. He also encounters Jimmy, who will follow Evan to hell if it meant finishing what he began years earlier.

Jimmy's blood red hair is pulled into a top knot that falls to his shoulders. He is interrupted by Evan from enjoying the spoils of his game. They confront each other in a few strides. Jimmy leaps at Evan. Instead of a slashing wound, Evan feels a sudden tug on his shoulder yanking him back through a vortex of white light that envelopes him completely. Jimmy follows.

Evan's confrontation with one of America’s worst murderers, Jimmy, is only the beginning.

Knowing that he is in constant danger, Evan confides in Lt. Tran, his friend who works for the Phoenix Police Department, about his suspicions. Unknowingly, Tran shares what his learns from Evan with Sgt. Martinez, who is actually a government agent planted within the police department to keep track of their hit men.

Tran is already investigating several random murders that defy logic or explanation. The police have only parts of the victims and no rationale motive for the murders.

Evan becomes increasing unstable because of recurring nightmares. What he doesn't understand is that they are actually the terrible things Jimmy is doing. He is an unwilling participant in a nightmarish show that leaves him drained of emotion and quite possibly his sanity.

Tran's investigation into several recent murders has an ironic twist. He learns that the two sets of prints found at a recent crime scene belong to Evan and Jimmy. He doesn't understand how this is possible. Evan is in no shape to commit such a brutal murder. Tran has doubts and decides it's time to visit Evan and get the truth.

Afraid for his girlfriend Linda's life, Evan decides to tell her the truth. Or at least part of it. But it is too late when Jimmy traps Linda inside the art gallery where she works and demands Evan rescue her. Jimmy wants to finish the game so he can return to the dead dream.

Tran never suspects Martinez works for the FBI until he surprises him ransacking Evan's home. Martinez is sent to find out what Evan knows and then kill anyone who discovers the truth. The confrontation leaves Martinez dead and Tran with a dilemma. He must find Evan and warn him before it's too late.

Tran's decision to help Evan is costly when he inadvertently interrupts Jimmy's surprise for Evan. He is severely wounded in the brief confrontation that ensues. Jimmy uses this opportunity to force Linda back with him. Now it is Evan's turn to decide whether he pursues Jimmy and save Linda or stay with his friend.

Evan doesn't have a choice. He can't allow the portal to remain open and follows Jimmy into the dead dream where he meets the man responsible for its creation. Henry Frick isn't the sadistic mass murderer Evan expects. Instead, he is a brilliant scientist who escapes an early death and uses his own special serial killers as hit men in exchange for being allowed by the FBI to pursue his own perverted fantasies.

Henry Frick laughs, menacingly pointing a sharpened fingernail at Evan, and leaps from a poster to land on a crack in the sidewalk. Slowly, his actions deliberate and methodical, he smoothes his ruffled clothing and straightens his bow tie. His face broadens into a devilish grin as he looks up and squares his shoulders. He focuses on Evan, throws his head back and laughs again. "Hello young man. It's Evan, right?”

Henry takes them back to where it all started. He shows Evan his invention that allows him to create a portal into the living world using a combination of frequencies that he discovered by accident.

Evan can't believe that he too has the special ability to decipher the same frequency used to send and retrieve the dead dream killers. Evan sets in motion events that will destroy the very machine that can return him to Linda and his life outside the dead dream. While the dead dream collapses around him he has one last chance to kill Jimmy and sends a bullet into his head. As the projectile ricochets inside Jimmy's skull, Evan jumps into the last stitch of light from the dead dreams and returns to find Linda and Tran waiting for him.

Henry Frick is laying (lying) on the ground after Evan's blow to his head. He isn't aware of the little boy standing above Henry until it is too late. The child slams the axe through his skull. Henry is dead again. The dead dream is over as the world Henry Frick created begins to collapse. Evan must find a way to escape and return to his own world.

Linda gasps as Evan walks through the hospital doors into Tran's room where he is recovering from his knife wounds. They may never fully understand everything that happened, but once his story is told, the America public will learn all about their incredible adventure.

Since I don’t represent horror, I’d take a pass, but the synopsis is crisp and clean. It flows smoothly, gives us a glimpse of character and connection and there are no aliens arriving to muck up the works. This is good.

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AzGhostWriter said...

Miss Snark,

I just want to say big thanks for reviewing my synopsis. I was pleasantly surprised that you didn't rip it apart since I was a bad boy once.

I appreciate the comments and your contributions to writers who yearn for an understanding of this crazy profession.