Crapometer #5

To give you a break from all those 1000 word synopses, here is the synopsis for my novel, in haiku:

Vietnam is past
But as war flares in Iraq
A nurse can't forget

Miss Snark is amused;
With the format you did choose
in fact, quite enthused.


Anonymous said...

No comments? Eh?

I'd have to say that this is my favorite of all the synop's you've posted. I just can't get it out of my head. Neat.

Anonymous said...

Creative for sure...how about another? I especially love Miss Snarks response. Maybe you two have a future in interactive haiku. That's a category, no?

Rei said...

Well, if the agent is a haiku fan, remember that the most important element of Haiku isn't 5-7-5. It's symbolism with nature. In fact, 5-7-5 is a poor guideline for English. It's 5-7-5 in Japanese, and Japanese has more syllables per word on average than English.

My favorite English Haiku was written by a man about his brother who died in the Vietnam war (the emperor of Japan was reportedly very pleased by it):

Out of the water
Out of itself.