Crapometer Questions, more

I don't think anyone asked this in comments. In addition to synopses, will the Crapometer also be handing queries and first pages again this month? I rewrote both according to your snarkisms and, as I plan to start shopping the novel in January, would love to see how the revisions
measure up.

Sadly Miss Snark is required to sleep at least a portion of every 24 hours, and then there's that pesky Health Department mandate about showering and walking the dog. All these mundane requirements reduce the hours available to supervise the Crapometer.

Synopses only unless there is a low turnout.


Carter said...

Speaking of synopses, here's an article worth looking at. Notice, I didn't say "reading". The part that sent me to the floor in tears is:

"An actual query letter of mine is included. The manuscript names is real, and was "going the rounds" to find a publisher for it. I worked extensively with my editor on Sacred Honor, before we decided it was ready for marketing. PublishAmerica released Sacred Honor in August 2003."

SAND STORM said...

now we have to shower our dogs...perfect! Now there is even less time for Gin.

KillerYapp said...

you have a dirty dog? or you ARE a dirty dog? if 1, send photos, if 2, never mind.

Miss Snark said...

Carter, that article is just sad, sad, sad.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Huh? Time-traveling to the future in order to change the past? Gasp! What a concept!

I'd comment on some other aspects, but I just don't have the time or heart to do so.