Dear Miss Snark,

I saw this headline on Yahoo! News: 2006 Brings Many 'Da Vinci'-esque Books'

which includes this heads-up:

"This is the hottest trend out there," says Barnes & Noble fiction buyer Sessalee Hensley. "I think a large part of the `Da Vinci Code' audience will go for these new books."

Are you riding the bandwagon with tuba in hand or waving from the sidewalk?

Love ya! Mean it!

Sessalee Hensley is very very smart, and very very seldom wrong. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

I'm not looking for the next DaVinci Code at all. I'm not in the band, I'm no even on the sidewalk. I'm practicing my flugelhorn at the Gary Indiana Conservatory of Music, Gold Medal Class of aught five.


Gina Black said...

...with Harold Hill, I take it.

Miss Snark said...

gadzooks I miss Robert Preston.

Ric said...

Or next year will be a zillion LaddyLit books because of Brokeback Mountain?

Dhewco said...

Of course, by the time anyone writing now is ready for querying, submission, and other such, the trend will move on . . . hopefully.

BTW, did I mention I have comma-ities?


Dhewco said...

comma-itis, even

Savannah Jordan said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one tooting Dan Brown's horn. blech.

Christine said...

Dan Brown only knows a single tune too. Angels and Demons was just the dry run for the DVC. I like DVC, but I'm not flipping for it.

Again, not bad, but not great. And the movie? Didn't they make it last year - it was called National Treasure (which really IS a pretty fun flick)

Miss Snark said...

Ric, no one is buying "lad lit". Brokeback Mountain was a short story in the New Yorker by Annie Proulx, not a novel.

Lad lit is one of of those horrid ideas that blessedly tanked and is now the kiss of death.

Ric said...

Sorry I didn't make the distinction clearer. I know "lad Lit" is dead, gone, renamed or passe.
Which is why I said LADDY LIT - following story lines made popular by movie. I was trying to be amusing.

Sandra Ruttan said...

All I can say is that I hope someone is looking for books with people like me in mind.

Haven't read Dan Brown. Never ever plan to. I know more than enough about it to be completely turned off and I won't go see the movie either.

I hate it when everyone wants imitations of a successful item. I want originality, not the same-old, same-very-very-old.

Justin R. Buchbinder said...

Lad lit? Is that an older version of Gay-YA? Because I hear that is selling like hotcakes these days in the smaller imprints.

Bernita said...

Dan Brown's take is new and hot?
I thought it was old but perennial.

McKoala said...

I hate Dan Brown. Can't get past the sluggish prose and wads of code/science/whatever.

DH loves Dan Brown. He loves John Grisham. He also loves any writer who writes big fat books about men with two monosyllabic names (Dirk Pitt et al). DH is all over any hero who has a desk job somewhere in the Pentagon, but can also abseil, scuba dive, pilot a plane, sprint faster than any man on earth and has a rough understanding of nuclear physics. If DH's hero saves the world and picks up a 21-year old heroine with big boobies who shares all of his talents, so much the better.

DH likes these books to be available in airports, preferably right out the front of the newsagent with the name in big shiny letters and a nice picture of an explosion so that he can see just what he is getting.

DH is a highly intelligent and not entirely insensitive man. But he knows what he likes a book.

You keep asking who reads these books. There he is. There are millions of him, all around the world. Bow down and respect him, for he is a fine father and good provider. If he wants to read these books and think that one day he too might be able to abseil, scuba dive, pilot a plane, sprint faster than any man on earth and have a rough understanding of nuclear physics, then that's fine by me.

As long as he keeps the desk job.

Mad Scientist Matt said...

I had assumed that lad lit would be aimed at the same lads who buy lad's magazines like Stuff or Maxim. You know, the sort of magazine that tries to show as much female skin as possible without being dubbed a porno mag. I'm not sure if there is much overlap between that crowd and the audience for Brokeback Mountain.