Do you still like me?

Miss Snark,

A while ago I e-queried an agent that I found listed in the back of one of my favorite author's books. I did it as a lark, not expecting a thing back, considering how successful this particular client was. But, lo and behold, he wrote me back and asked immediately for a full. No synopses, no nothing.

Now, he always took some time to write back, which I understood then (and moreso now, that you give me a peek into the life of a successful agent).Anyway, the long and the short: he had good things to say but blamed the size of the market (non fiction queer memoirs) to be shrinking, aka: a common way of saying, as you've taught me, "No thanks, but don't fling horse pies at me when you sell it elsewhere."

When he told me no, I immediately wrote back to the agent, thanking him for reading and getting back to me, and asking if it would be okay if I sent him my next MS. He never wrote back.

Now, months later, I have that different manuscript I am currently polishing. It's fiction and not gay-centric as the last one was, ie, nothing like the last I sent him.Would it be considered bothersome to re-query him again with this new piece?

Not bothersome at all.
Fire away.
Mention his previous compliments about your work.
Don't mention he didn't write back.

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