Existential crisis at the cabana

uh..excuse me, but what's the deal with cabana boys? young,poor guys doing a mundane service for peanuts...these guys are desirable to women because of what? their firm bodies? why not personal trainers or young men at a car wash, or studs who dance for women at strip clubs? is this an Eastern stereotype of some sort? or what you find along the Del Boca Vista coast--what is it i'm missing here with the cabana thing? thanks for bringing me up to speed.

Always happy to wax enthusiastic about cabana boys.

The key element you're missing here is location. Cabana boys are at the beach. They are NOT in New York. They are not at the gym forcing you to think evil thoughts about that last cig and gin the night before. They are not thumbing copies of "Down and Out in Paris and London" at the car wash when you realize you have no cash for the tip jar. They are not prancing naked in New Jersey by night and querying Miss Snark with tell-all memoirs by day.

Nooo...cabana boys are at the beach where they are kind enough to bring her pails of gin for which she is grateful to exchange wads of cash.

Cabana boys frolic in the surf and rescue Miss Snark from sharks.

(KY: "Cabana boys understand that it is very possible to be muy macho and wear a pink scarf.")

Cabana boys are the very embodiment of "magical realism" and thus entirely tax deductible.


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Cabana boys were also a "staple short" on MAD TV.

Juan Gabriel Llorca said...

Now there's something I'd pay to read: Miss Snark writing in the genre of 'magical realism'...kind of like Miss Jean Brodie does Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...

Juan Gabriel Llorca said...

Lol...or, Don Knotts does 100 Years of Solitude