Dear Miss Snark,
Warning: This is likely a stupid question.

How do you define "exposition" in a novel?

I understand the awkward, thinly disguised dialogue passage type "As you know, Vanessa, the love song of the Bulgarian tree frog..."
Would short internal monologue, mental observations, flash-backs, or memory passages fall under this dreaded and apparently verboten term?

I think of exposition as telling, in whatever form, not showing. Some is ok, lots is like too much salsa-painful.

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Anonymous said...

Exposition in dialogue is sometimes referred to as the dreaded "as you know, Bob." The Turkey City Lexicon is a listing of common mistakes made in writing. Some of those listed are specific to science fiction/fantasy, but most apply to all fiction writing. The list is funny and informative and can be read at: http://www.sfwa.org/writing/turkeycity.html