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I decided before I send out anything, I should find out more information about Agent B. There is very little information available on the web about Agent B. I recognize one of his clients (but this person does not write in the same genre I do.) So, what do I do next? Should I call Agent B and ask what he expects in an initial query? Should I simply send him my query, the first 10 pages, and (of course) the SASE. Should I send him my synopsis, even though it hasn't passed through the snark-o-meter yet? What are good resources for information about agents, besides the web? Other than a few of his clients, the only other information included his address and that he accepts "adult" and "literature".

Under NO circumstances do you telephone an agent to ask what they want in a query.

The standard query for fiction is: cover letter, first five pages. You can include a synopsis if you want but I don't read them unless the first five pages are of interest, AND I'll ask for a novel without seeing one (but that's just me).

You're obsessing here.

You cannot fine tune an agent search.
In fact it's better not to.
If you waste some stamps, so what. You'll benefit from the broader search if you catch someone looking for just what you've got.


Kathleen said...

Thanks Miss Snark...I was sitting here multitasking when your email arrived: eating dinner, reading Miss Snark, and watching the news about the possible transit strike. Luckily I have already found four people to fill up my car, cause I have to get to work.

As always your advice is excellent. Here's hoping you and I (and all other NYCers don't have any transportation woes tomorrow!)

Desperate Writer said...

At the risk of being the nitwit of the day and asking a stupid question, when you send a query and 5 pages, it needs to be in a large envelope, right? None of this folding into a regular business sized envelope? I am worried too much about appearances, I suppose. Give me points for having the courage to ask....

M. G. Tarquini said...

You're obsessing here.

Yes, we are. But this information is actually really hard to get. When I first started writing, I thought there was some secret society I was supposed to join just to find out what 'standard format' meant.

You're a mensch in stiletto heels. You really are. I won't ruin your image and tell anybody, though. Promise.