Get out the Thesaurus: no, nope, zero, nada, zilchies

What about agencies that ask us to address queries to "Submissions?" Obviously, we should follow their guidelines, but should we target individuals with revised queries if the first answer is a no?

Cause of course no doesn't mean no till you've heard it ...how many times?
Of course, maybe you like spending money at the Xerox parlor and the Post Office; certainly there are stranger fetishes in this crazy old world.

You resubmit when you're asked to do so. Or if you have a NEW project.
One of the reasons I had to stop being helpful in my rejection letters was that writers took it as an invitation to resubmit. It's NOT.

Here's how you can tell if you should submit a revised query: the rejection letter says "please send back a revised query".

No Snarketta Stone required on this one, ok?


Harry Connolly said...

But you have already suggested that, if one agent in the agency rejects us we have nothing to lose by trying another in the same agency.

roach said...

"One of the reasons I had to stop being helpful in my rejection letters was that writers took it as an invitation to resubmit."

After the third or fourth time someone resubmitted a story after I had rejected it with comments I started ending all my rejection letters with, "Good luck with this story elsewhere."

quanty p biederman said...

I must admit I don't understand what greeting I should use on a query addressed to Submissions without breaking the use-the-correct-name rule.

Do I go with "Attn: Representatives of the Big-Deal Literary Agency"?

"Dear people"?

How about "Hey, you guys"?

Miss Snark said...

Harry, the distinction is that the question was who to send it to after sending it to "Attn Submissions".

If you've sent it to a specific person, no harm in trying another. If you've sent it to "Attn Submissions"..that's not a person (it's the whole agency) and it's better to move down the list.

Harry Connolly said...


Unknown said...

Boy, I'm glad I stopped by today and read this post. I got a helpful rejection letter the other day, but the editor did sign it "good luck with this elsewhere." And I was considering resubmitting it to her after I reworked it.

Now I'm not going to!

Thanks for the tip! BEFORE I made a jackass of myself.