My first book is forthcoming from a major publishing house. I emailed my agent to ask if it would be appropriate for me to send holiday gifts to my editor, her asst., and the marketing and publicity folks. She said yes. Would it be okay if I sent the same gift to each, or should I single out my editor for something more special?

oh boy. Giftage. Miss Snark loves gifts of course, but giftage is a mine laden field of wrapping paper, bows and shattered expectations.

Don't send your editor and her assistant the same thing.

If at all possible, include a hand written card extolling their wonderfullness. That, more than any gift, means the most. You can never hear "you rock my world Miss Snark" too many times, when you know the emotion is genuine.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord. Gifts?

My book is also forthcoming next year. Gifts are a lovely idea, but--What kind? What if I forget somebody? Of course I know my editor and her assistant and the publicity director, but this past Sept. I went to NY and met about 8 other people in the office and have no memory of their names. (I know, I know--I should be flogged with a gin pail.)

What about a gift to the office, with separate notes to the people I know?

Compounding my anxiety is the fact that last year I sent a box of gift fudge (made by actual live monks in a monastery) to my agent and received no acknowledgement. Which made me wonder if a) I'd committed some kind of nitwittery; b) the monks charged my Visa then ate the fudge themselves; c) the agent's assistant snarfed it and hid the evidence. Would Miss Snark have acknowledged monk-crafted hazelnut fudge? Or had I crossed some invisible line of etiquette?

I've never seen this kind of stuff addressed anywhere else--thanks again, Miss Snark!

deirdre said...

I'm new to this and want to do the right thing. What species of gift is appropriate to send to my new (and awesome) agent??

kitty said...

You rock my world, Miss Snark, but no one can say it better than this person.

Miss Snark said...

Kitty, you are funnier than the law allows. I may lose my lease here if my shrieks of laughter cause the ceiling to crack.

this may be the best EVER.

kitty said...

box of gift fudge (made by actual live monks in a monastery)

Personally, I prefer the fudge made by actual dead monks (monastery is optional).

kitty said...

Sorry the article got cut off like that.

Dee said...

okay, here is your Xmas gift:

"You rock my world Miss Snark".

Be sure to save the wrapping that went with the gift, I spent good money on it.

cheers! <------clinks my vodka on the rocks against your gin glass.

M. G. Tarquini said...

KITTY! Where's the rest? There's not near enough coffee sprayed across my monitor.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

I send cards, and on occasion a gift, to my editor, agent, publicist, and editor's assistant. Assistants do a lot of legwork, I don't forget to thank them.

I do this mainly on the release of another new book, which means 2-3 times a year. I always try to make sure the gift is small, tasteful, useful, and I never, ever send the exact same thing to everybody.

I do the same with cards--the only time they get the same card is my holiday cards (no, not Christmas cards--I celebrate something else and they might too).

More than once I've gotten a note back (from all of them at one point or another) saying, 'I was having a bad day and your card/gift really brightened it up. Thank you for remembering me.'

The books we publish wouldn't be the books they are without the help that goes into them along the way. Gifting is not obligatory, but it can be a nice reminder that the author appreciates the help s/he gets.

Miss Snark said...

Actually, the cut off is one of the best parts of the joke. Like the McGuffin. Or the contents of the suitcase in Pulp Fiction.

We'll never know..but oh boy, I bet there will be some great guesses!!

kathie said...

Great to know. Not that I have an editor yet, but an agent, I have that.