Hot Diggety Dog, Jonathan Yardly likes what I read!

Lots of the Best of the Year lists are ..not to put too fine a point on it...boring.
Self involved; self congratulatory (can you say "Maureen Dowd on the NYT list"--c'mon).

However, courtesty of TheMillions comes the good news that Jonathan Yardley, book critic at the Washington Post, has both Michael Connelly AND John Grisham on his favorite books list.

My faith in book critcs is restored. Maybe they ARE human!


LargeCrepe said...

For the most part they are unconcious:

What they need is... a large crepe

Brady Westwater said...

Personally, I find John Grisham's prose style unreadable. But I do love the honesty of a critic placing on his 'best' list the books he actually enjoyed reading and not just the ones ne felt he should have enjoyed.