International postage

sh*t, sh*t, sh*t. Yes, the airmail rates are going up. And I just had someone send me 50 bucks worth of 8o cent stamps from USA. This is SO annoying. Miss Snark, will agents who don't take email queries ANSWER via email instead of an SASE?

It's possible. I do it sometimes myself, and you know how I loathe e-queries. If I'm interested in something from overseas, I ask for it all on email just cause the package is so expensive to send if you don't want it in the hold of a ship for three months.

You might also look for agents who take e-queries.


snarky little vegemite said...

When I was looking for a US agent, I was really up front about silly postage costs. It costs about $80 to post a double-spaced 90,000 word ms from Australia to the US and I discovered that some agents actually wanted me to send about eight copies over! When I got down to about three agents I was interested in, I talked to them about having them print copies of my mss out themselves. My agent now has someone run out to the local print shop and I send her a Western Union money order for however much it costs. Makes sooooo much more sense.

Mark said...

Though I can see Miss Snark's point most of the time, the reluctance to consider e-queries is one thing I just don't get. To me, it sounds like someone saying they would only consider a letter written with quill and inkwell after the typewriter was invented, or who kept their coach and horses a while after noisy, intrusive, new-fangled engine-driven vehicles were available. I totally understand why you wouldn't want something written as informally e-jokey as most emails are, but if it's a nice-written appropriately formal e-letter - why e-not?