Killer Yapp

Say, Miss S: How long have you had Killer Yapp? I've been a Snarkling for awhile now, and I don't recall KY being much of a presence until the last few weeks or so.

Killer Yapp is a bit shy. He'd heard that publishing is a dog eat dog world, and he was reluctant to be part of the buffet of life. And of course for the past month or so, he's been quite busy with his entry in the NaNoMo contest.


Bethany said...

*gasp* Killer Yapp is a fellow NaNo-er? Brilliant! I do wonder how far he made it when I'm sure he had to take breaks to help you smite the Unsnarkly...

Feisty said...

I am so glad that Killer Yapp can write. It's just so appropriate. What does he write? Talking animal stories are always out, or so they say. Maybe, being an expert himself, he can get away with it.

Go, Killer!

Mary Louisa said...

I think Killer Yap made his first appearance a few months back when I asked Miss Snark in a comment if she sported the obligatory Manhattan-literary-agent-miniature-dachshund-as-accessory.

Anonymous said...

True crime.
and haiku.

The toothy grin of
a charming dog is biting
irony today

Shadow said...

Mary Louisa -- I'm sure you are correct.

And I can certainly understand KY's reluctance to accept luncheon invitations where he is the main course. His haiku is lovely, btw.