Mama Mia

What about Mom-lit, Ms Snark? What are the things an editor is looking for in that genre? Chic-lit has evolved a lot since it's inception, has Mom-lit?

Yikes, Miss Snark does NOT know the answer to this one.

Besides "mom lit" is just the ickiest phrase in the world. Like "lad lit" and "hen lit".
Chick lit is cute cause it sounds fun, but "mom lit"??? man..tie your shoes and eat your vegies.

And really, Miss Snark avoids books with innocent children.
Like vampires avoid breakfast, mirrors and silver spiked hostess gifts.

Well, ok, unless they are...picture books.

Miss Snark saw Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser today and I'll tell you, it's just the most sublimely cute thing. Nancy is a girl destined for Snarokliciousness in her adult years!

None of this of course answers the question but Im hoping you forgot about that.


Anonymous said...

Maybe helpful?


Linda said...

Mom-lit is a subset of chick-lit. Its protagonist is older than the typical chick-lit heroine, and, as the moniker implies, is a mom. It has the same type of voice as chick-lit -- usually first-person, hip, perhaps a bit snarky. Julie Kenner's Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom is an example of mom-lit with a paranormal twist. Jennifer Weiner's Goodnight Nobody could be called a mom-lit mystery.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Nope, sorry, not a good enough answer, Ms Snark. So, does that qualify me for one more free question?

Cleary you watch for or maybe rep children's books. Young Adult, perhaps? And if so, will we ever see a return to YA that is *not* fantasy? I love historical fiction YA but it seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

Miss Snark said...

Actually I don't. I don't take on anything remotely cute or fuzzy like kids, or even YA.

And all publishing goes in cycles.
Trust me on that.

lady t said...

I've gotten tired of calling chick lit"chick lit'-there are too many subgenres within that. I prefer the term"female friendly"-it's all encompassing and less cutsey. Nothing against cute but labels can be distracting sometimes and occasionally,I yearn for a simpler time:)

Oh, and Jane Green's new novel Life Swap(only available in UK at the moment)has a single gal switching lives with a
suburban mom due to a magazine contest which skews both chick & mom. It's a good fun read.