Miss Snark Awash!

Well, seems a few writers read this blog.
We've brought in extra staff to handle the contest responses.

Miss Snark will be working merrily away on that rather than posting as is her usual midnight habit.

Things will return to normal shortly.

PS y'all are hysterical.


Mad Scientist Matt said...

Completely random Snark trivia:

Miss Snark's blog is the number one Google result if you search for "Gin pale."

Anonymous said...

I have a queston about queries: about three months ago, I sent out a batch of about five queries, all single page with a few sample pages thrown in per submission guidelines. I double- and triple-checked for SASE's, so I know they were in there, but I've only recieved two responses. Is this just a really swamped time for agents or is it publication karma from a past life?

Anonymous said...

And I'm sorry, but is the Crap-O-Meter back?

Feisty said...

Wait! Don't go away. Tell us what the prize is.

Bernita said...

A new keyboard, natch.

Simon Haynes said...

A signed photo of George Clooney or Killer Yapp - whichever comes to hand first. So to speak.

Anonymous said...

"Gin pale"? That's the color you turn, I guess, the morning after you indulge from the gin pail.

kitty said...

"Gin pale"? That's the color you turn, I guess, the morning after you indulge from the gin pail.

HA HA HA !!!

M. G. Tarquini said...

Dear Miss Snark:

I failed to make proper use of the subjunctive in my entry. Recalling your declaration that it is better to be a nitwit than a lousy writer, I resubmitted with the words RESUBMIT in my subject.

Here's my question: Are you summarily tossing out all nitwits, or is there still a shred of hope that my entry will receive serious consideration?

First Nitwit on the Right

Remodeling Repartee said...

Oh, a signed photo of Killer Yapp, please.

My chows would be upset of course, but true to their breed, would not show it. They will simply go about plotting a stealthy assassination, silent and inscrutible as always.

On second thought, perhaps a keyboard is safer for all concerned. One of the ones with the plastic covers to protect from all the cofee-snorting that now occurs around here.

LargeCrepe said...

No chance terquinin-- you blew it!