Miss Snark,

Please check out this very interest offer from a Levine Greenberg agent, written about on www.bookloversreport.com

You can actually win a year of representation, from a well-known agency!

Would you consider something similar?

Well, no. I don't have anything to sell you.
You realize of course this is a marketing ploy for their book. What you "win" is exactly what you'd get if you submitted your writing directly--a year of agency representation at the industry standard percentage.

Nothing wrong with that of course; Miss Snark enters drawings to win free cabana boys all the time. So far no luck but I'm honing my ..um..."query letter" as we speak.


Dee said...

ah,WHERE exactly do you enter to win the free cabana boys? Come on, share with the rest of us ladies (or not ladies).

Anonymous said...

Wow, that contest concerns me. Levine Greenburg is a pretty reputable firm. Do they really need to go to that extent to try to get good numbers for their books?

Goes to show you, *no one* can make any preditictions of success in this business.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I think that's a really weird offer.

kcresswell said...

Wow! I want to know too! I only need one. :)

Anonymous said...

Cynthia writes:

Miss Snark, what is your snarky take on agents who write their own books? I'm not referring to merely books on writing or the industry, but works of fiction.

Am I churlish to worry that they'll be focusing more on selling their next MS than mine? I checked out one agency, a boutique from the looks of it, that looked promising until I compared their client list with their associate agents: two of the agents were clients.

And there are other agents out there with the writing bug. My initial reaction is, "Whoa. It takes me a lot of time to create a good, marketable (one hopes, anyway) book, not to mention the time it would take to shop it myself if I were my own agent.

So? Churlish or not, on my part?


Existential Man said...

uh..excuse me, but what's the deal with cabana boys? young,poor guys doing a mundane service for peanuts...

these guys are desirable to women because of what? their firm bodies? why not personal trainers or young men at a car wash, or studs who dance for women at strip clubs?

is this an Eastern stereotype of some sort? or what you find along the Del Boca Vista coast--what is it i'm missing here with the cabana thing? thanks for bringing me up to speed.

Sal said...

Here's a similar contest by the authors/publisher of Author 101. What do you think of these contest/contract terms?

(a) The Contest winner shall receive a standard Sponsor book publishing author agreement (the "Book Contract") calling for the winner to receive (i) an author advance of $7,500, creditable against royalties, payable half on announcement of the contest winner ($3,750, non-refundable amount paid by the Sponsor and half on Sponsor's acceptance as satisfactory of 100% manuscript ($3,750) for the final work (the "Work"); (ii) royalties of 10% of the "Net Amount" as defined below) received by the Sponsor for the publication and sale of copies of the Work by Sponsor; and (iii) 50% of the Net Amount received by the Sponsor from any licensing of the Work to others who shall also publish and/or sell copies of the Work or derivatives thereof.

My first reaction was, "10% of Net?"