More on how much fiction is published

How many fiction titles are published each year by commercial houses, or respected small presses - titles that Miss Snark would regard as a professional credit? How many of those sell over a thousand copies?

I'm not sure. The Book Industry Study Group, from whence comes all my stats these days, could probably tell us if you wanted to dig deep on their website.

The 195,000 book number is actually ISBNs. That includes calendars, all versions of a single title (hc, tp, mmpbk, movie tie in edition etc). It includes everything published by all those vanity houses like AuthorHouse and iUniverse. Even if you figure there are 100,000 new titles published every year, it's still a lot particularly given fewer people are reading for pleasure and many of those of us who do are reading less.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Snark: Since it's getting harder and harder to break into the book industry, I wonder if you might comment on the small presses. I found two that seemed intriguing, one out of Sag Harbor (Permanent Press) and one out of Cape Cod (Frog Something or Other) and both seemed to be getting excellent reviews. The covers looked great.

How did these folks manage to get such good reviews out of the gate? Did they have connections? How do small presses get their books into B&N? Or do they?

Do you think this is the wave of the future for literary writers? Can a great book "make" a small press. How do reviewers and the industry in general look at these little guys as they emerge into the marketplace.