My brethren are, in large part, nuts

Just in case you haven't seen what NYC looks like when everyone is sure they really ARE the only person who has to be at work, take a look at these from Gawker

My faves though are the utter imbeciles who are getting turned back at the bridges cause they have just one person in the car--it wasn't exactly embargoed information that there might be a strike and some contingency plans in place. sheesh. 1010 WINS ran hysterical stories about people getting up at 4am to drive into Manhattan before the 4/car rule went into effect at 5am.

Transit strikes are why we have DSL and computers. Stay home. Read a book.


SAND STORM said...

and query letters and partials and

Bethany said...

Most Superfantastic Snarkalicious One,

I'm a young writer. By young, I mean seventeen. I'm in the midst of trying to procure an agent for one of my latest mss, and I generally don't mention my age when querying or sending partials, since I don't write for my age group and I'm afraid that hearing that I'm still a minor might turn most agents off of me. But recently, I came upon having to sign a legal form, so I broke the truth to a Very Large Agent at a Very Large Agency, and instead of fleeing in terror they seemed more interested in hearing from me.

Have I been wrong to keep my age to myself? I don't want to lie, but I prefer to have my work stand for itself (which it does), and I don't want anyone to make any assumptions about me or my work just because I'm young. Or is my youth on my side when it comes to working with agents?

Beth said...

What with the unexpected success of Christopher Paolini and other young authors (I read somewhere recently that some publisher just offered a contract to a 10-yr-old girl), your age may well be a hot selling point, rather than a detriment. I'll be interested to see what Miss Snark has to say, though.

harridan said...

Holy Smokes!

What a traffic jam. Add in streets where construction is occuring on buildings, and you have a honker of a mess.

I've been to NYC twice in recent years, both times for conventions.

The first time, a friend and I jampacked my little car and made the drive in winter from Ohio. Two podunks with nothing but an internet map to the hotel and lots of wishful thinking.

Surprisingly, we made it with little fanfare (though we did miss one street and ended up having to navigate one-way roads until we got back to where we needed to be. LOL)

The second time, I came in on a greyhound bus. As god is my witness, unless there is no other travel option, I will never ever do that again. Because of bus schedules, I couldn't pick a decent time to hit the city, and the bus became mired in traffic trying to get through one of the tunnels.

It was pure INSANITY. It took eight hours to reach the edges of NYC, and four hours to get INTO the city! CRIKEY!!!

Carter said...

Why do I live in the country?

These pictures do my talking for me.

npetrikov said...

Well, is my face ever red! I never thought there'd actually be a strike. Either the TWU brass have forgotten 1980, or they're hoping that the courts have.

*Naturally,* everybody is going to drive into town on this, of all days. Commuters know (from Papal visits, terrorist alerts and so on) that it's dead easy to drive and park around here! Why, Manhattan's just like Nantucket, kiddies: simply *made* for automobiles.

kitty said...

DogMan and I went to a dog trial way out on Long Island one weekend in early Sept. several years ago. We took his truck because the AC in my car didn't work. However, his truck has a standard transmission. We hit the edge of the city around late afternoon, and spent the next 4+ hrs. in 1st gear bumper-to-bumper.

brainlesionssuck said...

I'm impressed with Bethany...congratulations on such early bites on your work.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Harridan, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. What time of the year did you go to NYC by bus?

I went downstate to New York City several weeks ago by Greyhound without a single delay.

I spent the day shopping, ate street vender pretzels, caught the book conference over on 44th St, ate hot pastrami at the Melville, and was back upstate (in a carb coma) by 11PM.

But with what's going on there now, I wouldn't be caught within a hundred miles of the place

AzGhostWriter said...

I know I was supposed to look at the traffic jam, but I never got past the girl in the ad. Nice picture. Traffic jam? What traffic jam?

Kathleen said...

I just got in (6:00 pm on Wed) and wanted to add my two cents. I would love to take Miss Snark's advice and stay at home and read, and work on my synopsis. However, Mayor B and his good buddy Joel Klein have decreed that schools will be open. It took me 3 1/2 hours yesterday to get to work. Unfortunately I took Riverside Drive with all those people who didn't have the requisite number of passengers. Today I took the West Side Hwy...much better. Except we let off two of our passengers at 95th and when we reached Amsterdam, we had to turn north towards 96th (out of the safety zone with only two people in the car). I won't mention how I solved that little dilemma, except to say I took the advice of one of NY's finest.

Having fun in NYC. :0

Miss Snark said...

I'm guessing you drove down a one way street going the wrong way. Either that or you ran a check point!
In any case I'm glad you're home safe.