Nitwit of the Day-once removed

From the comments section surfaces this gem:

Mark Terry at This Writing Life has an interesting blog entry on synopses today with samples. A writer sent an e-query to Terry's agent to Terry's e-address hoping, apparently, that Terry would forward it on. (How weird is that?)

He didn't. He e-mailed it back and posted the e-mail and a critique of the synopsis on his blog.I don't know which Ms Kraas at Kraas Literary Agency is Mark Terry's agent, but neither accepts e-queries and a note at the Kraas Literary Agency Web site clearly states, "The agency will not be accepting submissions from Thanksgiving 2005 until January 2, 2006."

I'm not quite sure what the unnamed writer was hoping to accomplish, but I'm sure s/he wasn't expecting a public critique.

Well ya, it's VERY weird. Also stupid.

Add to list of "didn't think it needed to be said": when you are sending queries, confine your queries to actual agents.

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Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

The things people do, never cease to amaze me...well at least the things I've learned about people out here in the blog world.