ok, not bound ms, but why not CDR or email?

If the first thing you do is to photocopy the MS, why not ask for it on CD or as an email attachment? The techy person inside me is sure that printing a large document on a laser printer is a lot quicker and a lot less bother that trying to feed 500 loose pages through a copier, ADF or not.I'm sure there are reasons, but I'm just curious.

It's the first thing we do for manuscripts that are making it to the next step. Not all manuscripts make it to that step (fewer than 1 in 10). We have to be ready for any manuscript to be run through the machine so the default "send pages, not bound ms" is what we ask for.

Miss Snark herself does not stand over the copy machine feeding pages like a mother hummingbird feeds the nestlings. Miss Snark engages the services of Entrepreneur Snark to do this.

I also don't want to print out every manuscript sent me. While I support the running dog capitalist system, I don't feel the need to enrich HP ink jet cartridge division beyond my normal requirements.

However, the modern world is making itself known and one of the things I'm going to be doing is getting partials sent electronically, and only full manuscripts on paper. This is my experiment for 2006 after I toted up the amount of paper that went out the door in recycling bags in 2005.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Snark,

I love that you're going to take partials via e-mail. I hope it's contagious. Save a tree and keep me from having to break my pink piggybank to pay postage.

Here's something I'd like your take on. Two established and highly recommended (by RWA or others) say on their web sites that I can get my work read faster or a critique of my query letter and partial if I send a check along for between $65 and $150.

Granted, we authors are kept out in the dark about what agents are looking for, and the mind-reading course I took hasn't kicked in yet, but is this the answer? Or, is this a function of the piss-poor economy? Or, is something else afoot that only you, genius-agent know about?

Please advise.

Forever Yours,

A Bodacious Snarkling

Unknown said...

Ah, yet another clue of identity or is it - misidentity - dropped into the laps of us humble grasshoppers.

Anonymous said...

The trees thank you, Miss Snark. :-)