Planning for promotion

You said in your reply, "You also can't count on the publisher, any publisher, to really push the book. You'll have to do that yourself." I feel ridiculous, but I don't know how to promote the book myself. What would you suggest an author could do to push her book?

You thought getting your book published was hard? Welcome to book promotion and marketing.

First, off you go to the library to get every book you can on book promotion and publicity. Then you crawl around the web to see what's out there. Then, and this is the best piece of advice you'll get today, you find discussion boards of PUBLISHED authors who are talking promotion/marketing etc. An excellent example is MurderMustAdvertise.

Then you make a list of 100 things you can do to promote your book, and you do them. Find out what your publisher will do from the list (like submit to PW and trade review sites) and then you do the others. You can't do the 1000 things suggested in all these places, but you can plan for and do 100 of them.

And don't' feel ridiculous. "Promoting and marketing your book" was not a factory installed application when you were created, nor was it for any of us. We ALL learned this the same way you will. Ridiculous is thinking you know it all if you don't. I much prefer clients to ask for help early instead of making me think they know what they're doing if they don't.


Anonymous said...

Miss Snark,
The link to Murder Must Advertise did not work.
Thanks so much for your blog. Have fun in Seattle.

Miss Snark said...

Miss Snark has a really wretched history with publishing links correctly.

I think I get every single one wrong the first pass. I fixed this one, thanks for the heads up.

Frances said...

There's a gret site called Book Promotion 101 (http://bookpromotion101.com) that has lots of tips on how to promote your book.

Bella Stander, who runs the site, also teaches one-day seminars around the country. I took her class in November and it was a blitz course on how to drum up publicity for your book. Stander brought in publicists, internet specialists, and published authors to talk about creating a "hook" for your book and places other than bookstores to read in. It was great and thought-provoking.

MJ Rose, the blogger at Bells, Balls, and Hype teaches an on-line publicity class.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear good feedback re Book Promotion 101. I'm attending her workshop in January. My agent hadn't heard of her but, after looking at her website, thought it was a great idea. Thanks, Miss Snark, for the suggestion re discussion boards. I just discovered this site 2 weeks ago and am in the middle of devouring the archives!

Sal said...

a collection of links on Sales / Marketing / Publicity / Promotion from my writers' links site.

MJ Rose's blog has links to other bloggers who are flogging their books.

Joe Konrath blogs about publicity frequently, in amongst his writerly posts.

Rick said...

I have to raise one little red flag about the Murder Must Advertise site. Part of their FAQ (the item on booksignings) was by an author whose two books came out from iUniverse and Sterling House. Aren't both of those vanity houses? The advice given sounds sensible enough, but it does make me wonder about who is giving it.

Bill Peschel said...

Another recommendation for Joe Konrath's site. He recently went on a book-signing spree, hitting a hundred stores over several states. He reported regularly on how well he did, plus how he approached bookstores.

He's now working with another writer on a mail-order marketing campaign with libraries.

I don't know if his Powerful Marketing Technique will work with you, but it's definitely worth considering.

For awhile, Douglas Clegg was blogging about his marketing efforts over at Publishers Marketplace. He had some very creative ideas, but you'll have to scroll down to find them, as they have no permalinks.

kim reid said...

A third vote for Joe Konrath's sight.

Another writer who shares promotion tips is Karin Gillespie.

Her archives have some good information, and this week she starts a "what went wrong/right" segment about her recently completed book tour.