Poems!!! Miss Snark loves poems!

this is just the coolest.
A website that records and posts poems people read on their answering machine. You can see the details here
After listening I figured the poems should be less than 20 lines.
I had to abandon my favorite poem Happiness by Jane Kenyon but I found another one to read!

Thanks to the groovy guys at Return of the Reluctant for the link


Brady Westwater said...

Second link not working.

Simon Haynes said...

There was an agent called Snark
Who started this blog for a lark
But comments by nits
Gave her the sh!ts
So she took Killer Yapp to the park.

Thangyouverymuch, I'm here all week.

Bernita said...

There once was a writer named Haines
Whose writing gave agents the pains
He called their bluff
And pushed his own stuff
Now he grins at their previous deigns.

Sorry, Simon, resistance is futile.

Simon Haynes said...


There once was a lass called Bernita
Who wrote her synopsis in meter
The plot digest rhymed
The hook was sublime
And the agent declared it a keeper

Bernita said...

I love you.

KillerYapp said...

There once was a poodle named Yapp
who posted his comments in rap
He hipped and he hopped
(His tail wagged a lot)
but his agent still called his work crap.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Navigating New York is a chore,
So Miss Snark works from home - what a bore!
Her blog stings with the bite
Of her strong appetite,
And we snarklings just come back for more...

M. G. Tarquini said...

Joint effort with Lisa S.

Hash 'em, Slash 'em Edit Service
Don't let your writing make you nervous
We'll make you look less like a schmuck
Just come to us, and you're in luck.

Don't be concerned you're a new author
We'll have you writing soon like Faulkner
We'll rip your prose, then for a lark
We'll feed your blather to Miss Snark.