Resubmitting queries

Mom and Dad always said "No stupid questions". Guess I'll put that to the Miss Snark test.

I am looking to send out my novel manuscript to a few agents. I did this once before about 3-4 years ago and the work was rejected. For good reason- it had a lot of errors in it that I didn't know then. I have learned a lot since then and completely re-written the story. If one was not intimate with it before, they wouldn't recognize it now.

In any case, I did some looking up of agents that represent the genre I'm in and recognized a bunch of the names. Looking through my past records (buried deep in the closet), I submitted to these folks before. That got me wondering how long agents memories are. It is unlikely they will recognize my name, but I don't want to risk screwing up an opportunity. There any standards to this or is it common?

Like I said, maybe a stupid question but it'll help me sleep a bit better.

This isn't like being tossed out of baseball for playing the ponies: no life time bans allowed.

If your work was rejected at the query stage, you've got a clean slate now. Enough time has gone by no one will remember you at all.

If anyone read a partial or a full, and you're querying them again, you need to mention you've significantly reworked the ms, incorporated suggestions for change, and learned from experience.

One good thing is that enough time has gone by for me to believe you actually HAVE reworked the thing. I get "major" revisions back (usually unrequested too) in less than two months. That's not my idea of enough time to really revise something in a MAJOR way.

Your mom and dad are mostly right. There are some dumb questions in the world: "where do you keep your ice?" "do I look fat in this dress?" and "Who is the Sexiest Man Alive?"(and I don't mean that pretender Jude Law...sheesh).


BorderMoon said...

Another stupid questions:

In a library: "Do you have a book?" when what's meant is "Do you have the following title?"

I admit "Where do you keep your ice cubes" has always been my favorite. Why, in the oven, of course! Doesn't everyone?

litagent said...

Amazingly (because I can't remember what day it is, half the time), I do remember queries, so if you haven't told me you submitted an earlier version, I'm probably going to ask you. Miss Snark is right. Be upfront and explain.

Anonymous said...

(answers)...near the alcohol, no of course not, and Mr. Clooney

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark, you ripped my heart out. I heart Jude Law!