Sans SASE?

I've made the goofs of goofs yesterday. I mailed a query without an SASE. 99 percent of the time I do include it. I was distracted by people, the phone, and the television news. How bad will this hurt me? I put my email below my signature, if she's intrigued will she email me?

You might drop her an email or a call to say "I forgot but I'm sending it now".

You can point her to this blog posting for verification now too. Like using a speeding ticket to get out of a murder charge. Gee....what a concept!


Assistant said...

If I read something good and I want to see more of it but there's no SASE, I email them or call.

No SASE for a query I'm rejecting means no rejection letter, and I can just throw the query away.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I have a confession. I sent a query to an agent who I really wanted to represent me. I handpicked her, lovingly planned my query, really sweated over those first five pages.

The Great Gods of Karma worked against me. The query got through with a typo.

A typo.

I mean, how the hell did that happen? I checked it like 500 times.

So the next day I repackage the whole thing, send it off again with a revised query sans the typo, hoping my first query would get lost in the slush pile and my second would be all this agent would see.

I'm now convinced that agent's actually read their queries. I only received one form letter rejection in the mail. Had she not been paying attention, I'd have received two.

Dhewco said...

Assistant, but will you remember the query since you rejected it?

I mean, can I, a few months later, send another query to you?


Anders Bruce said...

That's not as humiliating as when I submitted to Mundania Press, a publisher that accepts e-submissions with the manuscript file attached.

I forgot to attach the MS.

Assistant said...


I don't understand your question. If I'm rejecting your query now, I'll keep rejecting it, no matter how many times you send it.

If you're sending a new book, I won't remember you because I don't look at names until I've read the partial and love that.

There's no trick, David. Tell me a good story with a good voice and great characters and I'll hunt you down.

Dhewco said...


Sorry I wasn't clear. Often, a complete rewrite or a major overhaul of the ms will allow for a new query.

I want to know if the sans SASE will make my name stick in your mind, if you reject the old story.


Assistant said...

Nope. No sase means I read the letter, decide, and then either toss it or email or call. I don't look at the name.