Seattle Public Library

Harry writes in the comments section:
I love the new library. Here is the main site.
Click on the Central Library link, then check out the slideshow. I'm not kidding. Look at it. It's beautiful.I love the new library (did I mention that?) The book spiral is just a fun idea, the kids' section is huge and easy to access, the top floor is covered with open reading and writing space. It's not old, dark wood and gothic arches, though. It's more like brushed stainless steel, glass exteriors and bright colors. Here are more pictures at another site. It really is wonderful.

Harry, you are just the cat's pajamas today! I gotta go see this!


kitty said...

Speaking as the daughter of a librarian, I happen to love those old dark gothic structures. It was that atmosphere which fostered my love of murder mysteries.

mysterygirl said...

I've got to admit, when I walked into the new Seattle Public Library, my first thought was, "What a great place to kill someone. Just hoist a body over the railing and . . . splat."

Deran Ludd said...

Actually, as a life long Seattle library user I have to say this one has it's aesthetic charms, but isn't exactly user friendly. The fiction stacks are poorly lit. They use pin spots that point to the center of the aisle, not at the books. And while the system had money to build they have little money for acquisitions and nearly eliminated the systems mobile library for the elderly and disabled. And besides, I have to agree with the first commentor. Libraries should be comfy edifices, like the old main NYPL branch on 5th Ave (location). Now there's a library!

Ungit said...

It's an incredible building, and a wonderful place to visit (especially with out-of-towners), but undeniably creepy. Every time I've taken people there, the comments are things like "What a great place to shoot a horror flick!", "Are we descending into Hell, or into a gigantic gory mess of intestines?" [on the red level], and "Can you imagine being in here alone?"

Maya said...

The Seattle Public Library is also one of the first partners to participate in the DLR initiative.

DLR is Digital Library Reserve (www.dlrinc.com), a service that sells eBooks and digital audio books to libraries. The libraries can then circulate the copies via downloads to library patrons' computers. The service makes the books available 24/7 on the participating library's website.

When the book is due back, it simply disappears from the patron's PC or PDA (no need to visit the library to pick up or return the book and no library fines).

I first became aware of the DLR service in October when Overdrive.com issued a press release saying that Harlequin had agreed to make their novels available through downloadable eBooks.

Harry Connolly said...

Horror movie?

I just can't understand some people.

Seattlites love their libraries. We've built several new branch libraries (I took my wife and son to the opening of the Ballard branch--green roof, modern solar panels, even "periscopes" built into the walls) and many more will be renovated.

And not only are we getting the DLR maya mentioned, but we've had the ability to place holds on books through online access to the catalog. I log on, place a hold on the book, select a location where I can pick it up, and they send me an email when it's ready to pick up. I was surprised to find out that system was not very widespread. I love it.