Snarkling contest!!!

One of my most keyboard destructive commenters, the beloved Kitty, has posted this news article. Sadly, truncated.

The contest: 25 words or less, what is the rest of the story?

Duration: 24 hours.
Start: 12/8/05 2:44pm EST
End: 12/9/05 3:00 pm EST

If you want the prize, you have to include your name and mailing address.

Miss Snark reserves the right to publish all or none, and she is the sole and final judge of the winner.

Snarklings, hone your nibs, let the game begin!


Jer said...

I wrote an entire newspaper article before I finished reading your note--25 words or less. Lucky I'm an editor in my full-time job. Slash and burn... Jer

kitty said...

Moi? inspired a Miss Snark contest? Can I include that on a résumé?

Remodeling Repartee said...

Geez, if I get even close to finalling (is this a word?) it's going in my query letters.

Mad Scientist Matt said...

This 25 word requirement makes for one heck of a pruning exercise! I just barely managed to get the word count right.

Ahavah said...

Eep! I couldn't make it out.

Brady Westwater said...

Is this article supposed to be largely unreadable?

Brady Westwater said...

Never mind. Hit it with the enlarge function and while it didn't get any larger - it did became readable.

But... seriously... do you really expect someone with a Y chromosome could write the ending to that story? This is sexual discrimination!

harridan said...


I can't seem to pare it down to 25 words. Oh well. LOL

Simon Haynes said...

My first attempt was three words over, so I snipped 'n' snapped. It sounded better with the three words left in, but rules is rules is to be obeyed.

kitty said...

I can't wait to read the winner!

Brady Westwater said...

Finally wrote mine between 11:59 - and high noon. Hope got word count right!

harridan said...

I know, Kitty.

I feel the same. There are so many funny people on this loop that I'm anticipating some really great one-liners.

What a way to take your mind off the pressures of the holidays!

Shadow said...

Kitty: You have an enormous advantage over the rest of us. You know how the rest of the story went.

Or is Kitty an honorary judge?