Snarkometer Update

Do I understand correctly the rules of the coming Snark-O-Meter?
1. Coming sometime after Christmas or New Year's. A short window in which to send synopsis.

2. Synopsis is sent by e-mail, no attachments.

3. Synopsis is fewer than 1,000 words. Fewer the better.

4. Miss Snark will critique individually by return e-mail.

5. No use mailing gin gift certificates or rhinestone dog collars.

Nice try bucko.
No dice.
#4 is wrong. All synopses go up on the blog. I know this might make you hesitant to submit your work, but I'm not giving one on one critiques.

#5 is also completely incorrect. All gifts, bribes and tokens of love for Killer Yapp can be delivered to the doorman between 9am and 11am weekday mornings.


tremblor said...

Is number 3 correct?

Miss Snark said...

#3 is correct, yes.

tremblor said...

Thank Snark!
I thought it was a super ultra mega strict 500, and have been viciously hacking my syonpsis down to an incredibly choppy 556 words.

It's amazing how much difference 50 words can make.

Anonymous said...

A snarkling queries an agent, gets a request, signs a contract and gets $ 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 advance. The editor reads the novel and shouts. “Hey, I read this novel’s synopsis in Miss Snark’s blog. Miss snark made some vicious comments. It‘s a bad publicity and will kill the sales.” Snarkling repays the advance and purchases a gun.

Cheryll said...

No, really, this is SO cool! I don't have a synopsis to send, but I almost feel I should send a gift anyway, as thanks for the enjoyment of reading this blog. It isn't illegal, immoral or fattening, but it feels like it should be!