I have an opposing question... what does it mean when an agent or editor calls your work "stock"? As in, stock imagery?Thank you oh Snarkiness. You are the bomb :)

Not a good thing.

"blonde bombshell"
"evil banker"
"snarkolicious poodle"

You want evil blonde, bombshell poodle and a snarkolicious banker.
Harlen Coben plays with perceptions like this in his Myron Bolitar series.


Maya said...

I miss Myron. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't been bowled over by Coben's stand alone mysteries.

Of course, it could just be sour grapes because I'm passionately in love with his character, Win, whose twistedness delights me.

Miss Snark said...

Ya me too. The standalones made him rich and famous, but he'll always be the guy with the bleeding football and endearing smile to all us of who knew him and love the Myron books.

I think the Myron books are being optioned for film.