Strike this!

I was sitting here multitasking when your email arrived: eating dinner, reading Miss Snark, and watching the news about the possible transit strike. Luckily I have already found four people to fill up my car, cause I have to get to work.As always your advice is excellent. Here's hoping you and I (and all other NYCers don't have any transportation woes tomorrow!)

Miss Snark has settled in for the duration. She has a 900 page biography, a slush pile, the liquor store on speed dial, and Killer Yapp for company. She does not plan to move one single block in any direction until this subway snarl is over.

The interesting thing today was how many people were going home early. The deadline is midnight tonight but no one who knows the MTA and the Transit Union and all their shenanigans has any doubt things could get weird tonight. The orange line at Rock Center was stuffed full of every kind of person in the world. It's right near the diamond district and it's always fun to see the Hasidic men try VERY hard not to get squashed next to a female on the train.

Miss Snark is now tuning to 1010 WINS to see if she's going to work tomorrow.


Existential Man said...

you can't fool me...anyone who talks about drinking as much as you do has got to be exaggerating just for the Snark-image of it ...real, hardcore alcoholics almost never boast about how much or how often they drink--they're too ashamed--whereas you are gleeful about it.

brainlesionssuck said...

Were you trying to imply you're a drunk?

kathie at housewifecafe.com

Miss Snark said...

Miss Snark's copious amounts of gin are for medicinal purposes only. Paper cuts, yanno.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

BTW e-man, that's how the drink the Gibson came into being. Gibson was a U.S. diplomat that wanted to be swauve at cocktail parties, so he had them put a tiny pickled onion in a glass of WATER....which in later years evolved into a dry martini.

Miss Snark, pack up those Manolos in your burberry bag, don your New Balance cross-trainers and you're good to go!

Megan Frampton said...

Actually, though, I've caught those Hasids eying the non-Hasidic ladies on the train...their actions may be pure, but their thoughts are definitely not. My husband will be heading into Rockefeller Center from Brooklyn tomorrow on foot if the strike happens, I think (prob'ly getting the PATH at Chambers, but who knows what craziness will ensue?)

Existential Man said...

"their actions may be pure but their thoughts are definitely not."

You know what Jimmie Carter said about his lustful thoughts: "The thought is as bad as the deed." This, from his study of scripture, and fairly common thinking by those who take scirpture literally.

Any psychologist worth his ink-blots would, of course, vehemently disagree--the thought is NEVER, EVER as bad as the deed. In the province of the mind, all thought should be freely entertained without feelings of guilt.

Unknown said...

Perchance... does the Crapometer arrive via the IRT?

Or since he/she/it is to arrive shortly after Christmas - will he/she/it hitch a ride on a passing sleigh?

Kathleen said...

Miss Snark,
I am concerned that should you be unable to get to the office for several days, you might develop a case of queryitis. If you find you need a stack of slush to help sustain you at home (as you swill your gin), let us know. I'm sure there are many snarklings who would email you a query (for medicinal purposes only, of course)


Miss Snark said...

Gosh Kathleen, your generosity is touching. I'll keep you posted.

(Actually, I brought a bunch of stuff home figuring better safe than sans-query)