For help creating a synopsis that is both elegant and brief, I heartily recommend visiting this website. Here you will see great works of literature in very helpful short form.

(Thanks to Kristy for the info)


Kristy said...

Glad to see that you found the page useful, Miss Snark. Although your blog entry got my hopes up for a second...I thought, "Oh great, a site to help with synopses, and recommended by Miss Snark! It must be Snarktacular!" But then I got a laugh when I saw it was the site I recommended. And man, does it feel good to come out of lurkdom for a while.

Ric said...

Sorry, that was confusing.

This is supposed to be helpful? How, exactly?

Plot for 50% of all books written.
Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy get girl back.


AJ said...


As a children's writer, I happen to love the page on bedtime stories, too.

Kelly said...

There's that dry, snarky sense of humor again! Cute site, though.

Janet McConnaughey said...

You might also like "Shrinklits," by Maurice Sagoff,
who not only summarizes briefly but makes it rhyme.

His take on "Beowulf" opens,

Monster Grendel's tastes are plainish.
Breakfast? Just a couple Danish.


Anonymous said...

I thought that the Condensed Version were very funny. Its good thing most of the authors aren't alive anymore. They'd be livid.