Synopsis construction

I would like to at least use the first two sentences of the pitch as the first two sentences of the synopsis. Can I use some of the sentences and wordings from the pitch in my one page query letter or does that look lazy?

Yes, no.
Yes, using the same two sentences is ok,
No, it doesn't look lazy.


Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you, thank you. I'm a total know-nothing newbie trying to educate myself about the process of seeking representation, and it is so f*ing fabulous to get practical advice to practical questions. thank you. Beth

Anonymous said...

In this post: http://misssnark.blogspot.com/2005/10/synothis.html you say not to do anything weird with your synopsis and not to use 4 points of view.

My book is in first person. Can I write the synopsis in first person? Or is this weird?

Cheers, Beth

Anonymous said...

Is a 500 word synopsis a standard short synopsis, or is it that short for the sake of the crapometer? I've seen 700 word sample synopses, and I can just get mine to 600 words, but 500 really is a "haiku on steroids" as you said, and I'm despairing of being able to master the form.

I love that this blog is anonymous and so you can be snarky and we can be whiny without fear to our respective reputations!!