Synopsis sizing: none of this super size me crap

Is a 500 word synopsis a standard short synopsis, or is it that short for the sake of the crapometer? I've seen 700 word sample synopses, and I can just get mine to 600 words, but 500 really is a "haiku on steroids" as you said, and I'm despairing of being able to master the form.I love that this blog is anonymous and so you can be snarky and we can be whiny without fear to our respective reputations!!

I'm sure there is some guideline somewhere about how many words should be in one of these wretched documents. For my purposes, shorter is better. People who send me synopses that are single spaced, no paragraphs, and five pages just get tossed aside as the last thing I want to read today.

For our purposes here on the blog, 1000 words is the max. That's about four pages in a readable font with reasonable borders and layout.


Kitty said...

Just having some fun, but you could have elminated 76 words by asking, "Why so short?"

Brevity is the soul, to wit:
1) 2-word stories

2) Dogbert wrote a 17-word story, which included the words "The End."

Miss Snark said...

Those 2 word stories are, to coin a phrase, REALLY FUNNY.

Rhonda Helms said...

Those are so, so, so funny, kitty - thanks for posting the link. I needed a giggle this monday morning!


Catja (green_knight) said...

May I recommend that the original poster practice the not-so-ancient art of the cinquenta? If you can write a complete story in exactly fifty words, you can write anything.

Stephen said...

I have on several occasions been advised that while the typescript must be double spaced, the synopsis should be single spaced, so that a 2-page synopsis is around 1,000 words. Is this standard, or is it simply a British foible like playing croquet or eating chocolate digestive biscuits? Should I adjust the layout if querying in the former colonies?

Unknown said...

Actually, I found the 17 word short story a bit ... wordy. "Flowers were invovled.' was all that was needed for the final sentence.

Two word stories, though - were perfect!

Anonymous said...

You want pithy? I'll give you pithy...hope I'm doing this right:

That's the link to the book-a-minute classics page...if you go to the main page, there are also "Bedtime Stories" and "SF/F" Categories. I recommend Bartleby the Scrivener and There's a Wocket in my Pocket. These are endlessly entertaining and I could waste all day on them.

Kitty said...

Oh Jesus, Kristy, I don't know which story is funnier, although I'm leaning towards Dante's Inferno, since DogMan once chose that as his "fun read."

Here it is:
Some woman puts Dante through Hell.


I'll be quoting that to him for years. Thanks for the link!