Throw the BOOK at her!

Gotta love the days when a "literary agent" pleads guilty to fraud.

Repeat after me:

"what have you sold?"
"money flows TO the writer, not from"
"real agents DO NOT ADVERTISE in Writers Digest".

If you think I'm kidding, go read TEN PERCENT OF NOTHING again.

(Thanks to Publishers Marketplace for the info)


Unknown said...

Still not understanding why people will "pay an agent" upfront. With that sort of money, you might as well just buy a "Fast Track" publishing contract with iUniverse, lord knows the chance of seeing your book inbetween two covers increases...

Dave Kuzminski said...

Justin, many people do not have much contact with hiring someone on commission, particularly literary agents. They're more comfortable with pay-as-you-go. That method reeks of honesty, so they don't question the idea of paying an agent up front. Also, many people do not understand the concept of paying a commission on making the sale is a way of insuring that someone will carry through with something.

Rick said...

It's called the power of wishful thinking. And one of the scams these phony agents often use is to wear two hats, the other being vanity publisher - I think that is what this gal did.

To their credit (relatively speaking!), I don't think houses like iUniverse or AuthorHouse participate deliberately in such overt scams. Their dishonesty is subtler (e.g., "available through major bookstores!"), and most of all in leading desperate wannabees to think that a vanity book counts as a real credit, and has any significant chance of ever paying its own way.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

I read Writers Digest because I bought a subscription before I knew any better. I do like the articles but the advertizing is outrageous!

There are POD and vanity press ads on almost every page. Some are full pages.

I often wonder how many innocents are sucked in by thinking that WD is a legitimite authority, so they wouldn't steer them wrong.

Thank God, we have Miss Snark to keep us walking on the straight and narrow...well, when she's not wander around with the gin pail! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lock her up and throw away the key. Getting an agent is hard enough. These people are repulsive.

Anonymous said...

We should all forgive her, as faithful servants of GOD; our saviour, and contribute to her defense fund. She was taken in by the evils of greed and we should be above such thoughts!

Sonarbabe said...

Good article, Ms. S. That's one less evil person for us to watch out for.

*Secretly hopes this woman gets all 35 years in prison, but knows she won't.*

Feisty said...

The world has its fill of predatory creatures, this being only one example of that personality type.

I have to wonder about some writers, though. Are they writers or dreamers? Do they want to publish more than they want to know the truth.

We can only be taken advantage of if you allow it. Common sense says to check things out thoroughly. Which leads me to believe that some people would do anything to see themselves in print including casting all intelligent thought aside.

Sad stuff.

Harry Connolly said...

We can only be taken advantage of if you allow it.

As day is followed by night, so is a story of a thief and con artist followed by posts that blame the victims.

*That's* sad stuff.

Shesawriter said...

When I was on AOL, a bunch of us writers set up a sting and eventually drove her off. THAT LASTED TWO DAYS. She came back as somebody else, scammed more newbies and when she was nabbed again, she went away and reinvented herself once more. The woman should be stripped and beaten in public. Though she never scammed me, I have NO sympathy for her. Too many people have been hurt.