Tuesday lay downs

Dear Miss Snark,
Why do books with specific lay-down dates always come out on Tuesdays?

It's not an important question; more something that piqued my curiosity.
Love the stilettos! And Killer Yapp's collar -- so stylishly
coordinated. Marvelous!

Yanno, I knew this once but I've forgotten. I think it's for some sort of accounting or reporting thing. Someone who reads this blog will know. Feel free to enlighten us, please.

And thanks for noticing Killer Yapp's new pink Chanel collar that matches my holiday shoes. We decided to risk a solid color rather than our usual Burberry plaid, but one more flying eggnog may show us the folly of our ways.


Unknown said...

Miss Snark has no rivals... only failed contenders.

Unknown said...

Uh... that was posted under your below rivals post.... this one wasn't even up at the time.

As for the Tuesday question - I would guess it gives you the bulk of the week for press coverage and the first day of the week is always harder to both get attention and properly organize after a weekend.

Unknown said...

Pink is the best color ever.

CEP said...

One reason I've been given for Tuesday laydowns is that so few federal holidays fall on Tuesday. Only Christmas, New Year's Day, and the Fourth of July float through Tuesday, and at most two of them in a given twelve-month period. Thus, there is less disruption of sales and delivery patterns by three-day weekends, Easter, and the four-day Thanksgiving period.

harridan said...

A guess.

Maybe it's because in the US we celebrate so many holidays on Mondays?

Meaning many offices close up shop.

lady t said...

I always assumed that Tuesdays were to the book world what Friday is to the movie world(and Wednesdays now,too),the standard launching point.

DVD releases are also on Tuesdays and since many bookstores sell movies,I'm not sure if this is a happy coincidence or not.

Anonymous said...

In Judaism Tuesdays are considered lucky. That's probably irrelevant, though.

Erin M. Hartshorn said...

Thank you!

The Monday holidays make sense.

I asked my mom, and she just said "corporate policy."

Miss Snark, does Prada not do dog collars? Not that the pink isn't fabulous on you, but KY (especially with that nickname) could use something a tad less effeminate.

Unknown said...

Speaking as a bookseller, Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest days of the week. (You're too busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday selling to all the customers coming through the store to worry about setting up displays for new books; Monday is a really big day in the stockroom; and by Thursday you're setting up for the weekend again.) The bestsellers change on Wednesday, so that leaves Tuesday as the best day of the week in which to fit in another task. Plus, with bestsellers changing on Wednesdays, they're computed based on a Tuesday to Monday sales week, so bringing out the books on a Tuesday gives them a full 7-day sales week for bestseller purposes.

If the book's big enough (like Harry Potter or all the Star Wars merchandise), it'll come out on a Saturday.