Tuesday's CrapFest is now finished

That's it for tonight. I'm crabby as hell.
Not a good time to be doing synopsis surgery!

I deleted six emails today with questions...unread.
Just a reminder, no questions even looked at, held in the green room or answered till the CrapFest is over.

If you need something to do, look at the post on Voting and contribute a category.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well done Miss Snark.

You've got super-human stamina!

I bow to your Snarkness!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Hey Miss Snark, they're posting you over on MetaxuCafe:


quanty p biederman said...

This has given me a whole new appreciation of what agents/editors go through. It would make me a bit crabby too.

And at first, I had a difficult time. Couldn't get through a single synopsis, my eyes skimming portions like crazy. Now it comes easier, thanks to the guiding remarks of Miss Snark, and I'm learning so much.

But what blows my mind is your generosity, Miss Snark. Spending this much time on a bunch of strangers for their benefit is Good Karma City. May your slush be a pile of precious gems, and may George Clooney fall love-hungry at your tootsies.

Annie Ewing Rassios said...

My friend, Keith, just directed me to your blog, and I'm enjoying it immensely.

Don't give up now when I've just discovered it.

As far as even reading synopses of paranormal romances and cross-dressing, well -- perhaps you should change your on-line identity to Gunga Din.

Dr A. Rassios

Susanne said...

Most of these sound like such drivel, I can certainly understand why my agent says he rejects 98 out of 100 queries.

Then, if he asks for a synosis, he usually rejects the remaining two.

Your slush pile runneth over. Slush is right. Yikes!

Bernita said...

Oh, the disdain...

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I think there are a lot of imaginative people out there.

All we need to do is learn to channel it in a publishable fashion.

I think it takes real 'big ones' to submit your work to the world and real expert players for a critique.

I salute everyone who has, and will have their work up for review!