Very readable

What does an agent/editor mean when they say "very readable"? I've come across this term a couple of times.

In rejection letters? It's how you say it's not the worst thing you've ever read but you need to work on it more.

In reviews? It's how critics call something fluff.

In mentions about Miss Snark's blog? Base flattery. More! More!


Justin R. Buchbinder said...

Miss Snark,

In reading your Blog today I came across your suggestion to pen short stories in the interim while a novel percolates... are published short stories a must to get representation? I've been clinging to the New Testament According to Snark that says "If the writing's great, that's all that matters," is this not entirely the case? I've "published" some short works, but only on the web for various eZines... do I need to now consider short pieces as well before I begin to shop my novel around in the New Year?


Plus, it's too early for gin, how about a Mocha Gin latte instead? That's something I could go for.

Anonymous said...

I love all the politically correct verbage in this industry. It's like being a kid again and having to figure out the secret code.

Why don't you put a glossary together for us, Miss Snark?

Bernita said...

I like my coffee black and sweet as original sin.
#29 on my list of: Reasons Why You May Never Get An Agent.
I don't like latte.

E. Dashwood said...

very readable=legible?

Kaycee said...

I have an opposing question... what does it mean when an agent or editor calls your work "stock"? As in, stock imagery?

Thank you oh Snarkiness. You are the bomb :)