What exactly IS a crapometer?

Um...crapometer? Send a thousand words? If I ask you to explain, will I get stomped on?

Since readership has tripled since September, there are probably quite a few people who wonder what the Crapometer, aka Snarkometer, is.

In the early days of the blog Miss Snark opined that most of the work she got in her slush pile was crap. Several Snarklings wondered if their work was in that category. In a fit of total madness Miss Snark said "send me the first page and I'll run it through the Crapometer".

Those posts, in August, all sixty of them, are in the archives.

The crapometer, like many monsters, grew fat on the blood of victims and took on a life of its own. Now roaming the countryside seeking grist for the mills, the Crapometer is scheduled to return to NYC after Christmas. For a change of pace, we'll feed it synopses.

For the rules of the feeding frenzy, see the post below.


Unknown said...

Miss Snark,

All this talk of synopses frightens me beyond doubt. For all these years I've been writing, I never heard of such a beast... and, well, now I see it everywhere.

What if there isn't a lot of action in your story? Where can one find an example of a successful (or at least not vomit-worthy) synopsis?

In the books these days they all have that example of a successful query, with the woman writing about how Chocolate Lovers is about two hot cocoa packagers who fall in love and she knows chocolate because she grows cacao beans in her own backyard... but none show a synopsis... which, as far as I'm concerned, sounds far more horrific than the query!

I've queried before, I have salesman in my blood, so it's been working in my favor. But then they ask right for the ms, no synopsis.

So I guess I have 2 questions:

1) How often do agents ask for a synopsis?
2) Where can I find a good example of one?
3) Can Killer Yapp write a synopsis for me if I pay him in gin-flavored doggie treats?

Anonymous said...

I thought you said a few weeks ago that the crapometer was in the barn. Has it broken out of its restraints and escaped?

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark,

What is your readership? You seem to be quite a phenomenon. Do you know the actual numbers? And are you surprised that so many people have become slaves to your blog, or is this what you expected all along?

Miss Snark said...

Alice, the saga of the crapomter can be found by slinking about the previous posts and comment trails about the crapometer.

There has been quite the tabloid story in the crapometer's activity this season. I think it's one reason Nicole Richie got published: the crapometer was AWOL.